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Protect Your Lakeland, FL Home With New Home Wiring

Trust Mr. Electric of Lakeland for Home Wiring Service

Electrical technology continues to improve, providing homeowners with safer and more efficient options. Mr. Electric of Lakeland can ensure your home has the most up-to-date wiring with our home wiring update services in Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home’s wiring and make a recommendation on upgrades based on their findings. We’re committed to ensuring you’re totally satisfied with the quality of our service. Become a member of our Advantage Plan and receive certain benefits, including priority scheduling services. Learn more about the signs your home needs a wiring upgrade and the benefits you’ll enjoy. Then, contact our uniformed and trained electricians to get started with a service estimate.
Protect Your Lakeland, FL Home With New Home Wiring
Trust Mr. Electric of Lakeland for Home Wiring Service
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  • Your home’s electrical system is one of the most critical components of your home. It provides safety, comfort, and convenience by powering your home’s appliances, lighting, ACs, and devices. Making sure your electrical system can meet your home’s power needs is crucial. Home rewiring updates are well worth the cost as they can improve the efficiency and safety of your home. When you meet with our experienced and knowledgeable electricians, we’ll provide the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Some of the benefits of a home electrical wiring update include the following:

    • Reduce Fire Hazards – Old and faulty electrical wiring from the 30s through 70s is hazardous to use in your home. Updating to modern wiring can reduce the potential for a house fire.
    • Reduce Electrocution Risk – An overburdened electrical system due to increased electrical needs, or faulty, antiquated wiring can pose a significant health hazard and electrocution risk.
    • Meet Your Power Needs – If you’re building an addition or updating your home’s appliances, a home wiring update will ensure your electrical system can meet your power needs.
    • Improve Energy Efficiency – New wiring is considerably more energy efficient than outdated wiring. When you choose a whole home wiring update, you may see a reduction in your energy usage and costs.
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What Are the Signs I Need Home Wiring Updates?

As your home’s wiring ages, it may degrade and become less efficient. Electrical fires caused by faulty wiring and outlets are among the leading causes of damage to homes. New home wiring updates may be recommended to improve your home’s safety and energy efficiency. As a homeowner, there are certain warning signs you should be aware of when deciding when it’s the right time to upgrade your home’s wiring. Our trained electricians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to complete your home wiring updates. If you notice any of the following issues with your home’s electrical system, then it’s time to call in a professional to make your home more efficient and safer:

  • Older Home – Over the decades, many types of wiring have been used to deliver power throughout your home. Unfortunately, these wiring systems are now considered extremely dangerous and outdated. Even if you’re using a more modern wiring system, frayed wires are a fire hazard.
  • Two-Pronged Outlets – Two-pronged outlets put you and your electronics at risk. If an electrical surge occurs, the power has nowhere to go except into your electronics or you, which can lead to property destruction and injury. Updating to three-pronged, grounded wiring is a must.
  • Missing GFCIs – Ground fault circuit interrupters are designed to immediately turn off the power when moisture is present, which makes them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, pool areas, and basements. They can be easily identified by the “Test” and “Reset” buttons on the outlet faceplate.
  • Missing AFCIs – AFCI outlets are required in all bedrooms throughout the nation. They are designed to power down when a dangerous electrical arc is detected.
  • Outdated Appliance Outlets – Your home’s major appliances, including your refrigerator, oven, and dryer, may require their own outlet to maintain power. Outdated appliance outlets can lead to significant headaches and electrocution hazards.
  • Insufficient Electrical Panel – Families are more plugged in than ever, which can strain their electrical panels. When meeting your family’s needs, we can ensure your home’s electrical system isn’t overburdened.

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