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Circuit Breaker Replacement by Mr. Electric of Lakeland

Homeowners throughout Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven, FL, and the surrounding communities trust Mr. Electric of Lakeland for all their residential electrical needs, including circuit breaker replacement services. Our experienced and knowledgeable electricians are here to provide you with reliable services. As a homeowner, you want to ensure your home and family are safe. Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of damage to homes. If you’re concerned that your electrical system isn’t up to code or your circuit breaker keeps tripping, then it may be time for a replacement. Our electricians can make the necessary upgrades to improve the safety and convenience of your home’s electrical system. Get started today with a service estimate.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Discover the Symptoms of an Overloaded Circuit

An overloaded circuit occurs when more electricity is transferred through an outlet than it can handle. For instance, if you have a coffee machine and a toaster oven plugged into the same outlet, the outlet may not have enough amperage to support both. The overload causes a breaker to trip, which powers off electricity to that outlet or area of your home. Circuit breaker tripping is a safety measure to prevent the outlet from catching fire. However, it can be disruptive to your morning routine. If you’re experiencing other common symptoms of a circuit breaker overload, it may be time for a circuit breaker replacement:

  • Flickering and Dimming Lights When Other Appliances Are Being Used
  • Buzzing Sound Emanating From Switches and Outlets
  • Burn or Singe Marks on Your Outlets
  • Sparks When You Plug In an Electronic
  • A Burning Smell While Using an Appliance

What Are the Benefits of Circuit Breaker Replacement?

Electrical technology continues to make significant strides in safety and efficiency. However, we’re using more electricity than ever to power our electronics. So, hiring a trained and experienced electrician to upgrade your home’s circuit breaker when the time comes is essential. Our team follows a safe process to protect your home while minimizing interruption to your daily routine. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is why more and more homeowners turn to us for their electrical services. Discover the benefits of replacing your circuit breaker:

  • Protect Your Electronics From Shorting Out
  • Reduce Electrocution Risk
  • Reduce Chances of an Electrical Fire
  • Ensure Multiple Electronics Can Be Used Simultaneously
  • Customize Your Electric System to Meet Your Needs

When’s the Right Time to Replace My Circuit Breakers?

Keeping your home’s electric system up to date is crucial for your safety and convenience. But knowing the right time for a circuit breaker replacement can be difficult to determine unless you’re a trained electrician. At Mr. Electric of Lakeland, we aim to give our customers the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for their electrical needs. Below are some of the most common instances homeowners will choose to replace their circuit breaker, including:

  • Overloaded Outlets – Frequent breaker trips, singed outlets, and buzzing noises are all signs that your home’s outlets are overloaded.
  • Security System – Planning on installing a new security system inside or outside your home? Make sure your electrical system can handle the additional load.
  • Specialty Lighting – If you’re updating or adding lighting to your home, such as track lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, or some other specialty lighting, we can help you.
  • New Appliances – Whether purchasing a new meat freezer or upgrading your home’s dryer, a new or upgraded appliance will stress your system. Let our team inspect your circuit breaker.
  • Outdoor Electricity – Landscape lighting, a pool pump, and sprinkler systems all need power sources to run. If your system is already stretched thin, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Home Renovations – Are you putting an addition on your home? You may need to replace or upgrade your circuit breaker to support the additional outlets and lights.
  • Garage or Workshop – Hobbyists and carpenters with a workshop in their garage or shed may need a dedicated circuit breaker to prevent tripped breakers.  
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – Homeowners looking to upgrade their home’s efficiency may turn to Mr. Electric of Lakeland for a circuit breaker upgrade.

We’re the Trusted Leader in Circuit Breaker Replacement

Homeowners throughout Lakeland, FL and the surrounding communities trust Mr. Electric of Lakeland for all their circuit breaker replacement services. Sign up for our Mr. Electric Advantage Plan and receive priority scheduling for all your electrical services. The Mr. Electric Advantage Plan helps save homeowners time, money, and frustration. All our work is backed by our Neighborly Done Right Promise, so you can feel confident our team will complete the job correctly the first time. Contact our team today to schedule your next service.