Professional Lighting Control Installations in Lakeland, FL

Make Life More Convenient With Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are an excellent way to control your home's lighting and small appliances. Mr. Electric of Lakeland provides lighting control solutions in Lakeland, FL. We're committed to energy-efficient, user-friendly, and high-quality lighting solutions. Our lighting control solutions range from using a wireless remote to control the lighting appliances in your home to dimming the lights in any room at any time. We offer all types of lighting control solutions, from dimmers to timers. Our service professionals can help you choose the best lighting control solutions for your home's needs. We want to make life as easy as possible with lighting solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our lighting control services. 

Mr. Electric electrician showing lighting control options to a family

Enjoy the Convenience of Lighting Controls

Lighting is a convenience easily accessed with the touch of a switch. A lighting control solution makes it even easier because you can switch on lights throughout your home, no matter your location. Some of the most significant benefits of lighting controls include the following:

  • You can easily turn off the lights from your bed at night.
  • Lighting controls are an excellent solution if you find it difficult to get up and down to turn off the lights. 
  • Bathroom lights can automatically turn on when you enter the room.
  • Security lights can be switched on from anywhere in the home when you hear an alarming noise.
  • You can preset security lights, holiday lights, or lamps.
  • Dimmer lights make it easy to set the mood of a room.
  • Your home is more energy-efficient with lighting controls. 

Lighting Control Station Installation

You can control all the lighting in your home from a central control station. Lighting control stations let you create multiple moods with the touch of a button. You have access to different scenes that can be accessed by a remote and keypad. You never have to walk through your home to set individual lights with a lighting control station. 

Light Timers to Reduce Energy Consumption

Light timers are an excellent way to help reduce your energy consumption. We can place light timers indoors or outdoors for holiday lighting, outdoor lighting, or preset lighting. You get the convenience of timers while saving money and energy. 

Room Occupancy Sensors

Room occupancy sensors turn your lights on when motion is detected, and turn them off when the motion ceases. Many of our customers love motion sensors in bedrooms and bathrooms. We can help you choose the most useful rooms in your home for motion sensors. 

Dimmers for Mood Control

Lighting dimmers give you the ability to adjust the lighting in each room. You can set the mood for an intimate dinner, adjust the light to read at night, or dim the lights during a movie. Dimmers are perfect for any room in your home to set the mood of the space.

Wired Lighting Solutions

Wired lighting solutions allow you to control the lights throughout your home from a stationary point. Programmable light pads can program your lights for up to seven days. Light pads turn lights on and off automatically or with a preset time. Wired lighting solutions are excellent for usage with fans, holiday lights, and lamps. 

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Lakeland?

Mr. Electric of Lakeland provides comprehensive electrical services to Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL. Our service professionals will help you choose the perfect lighting control solutions for your home. We can come to your home to determine the best locations for your lighting controls. Our team always offers upfront estimates without any hidden fees. You'll love the convenience of lighting controls throughout your home. We help you develop a comprehensive lighting plan that works for everyone in your home. Your home can be transformed with the perfect lighting control solutions

Contact Us for Lighting Control Services

Mr. Electric of Lakeland trains our team in the safest ways to work with electricity and always puts your needs first. We will explain your new lighting control solution and help you learn to operate it. You are in the best possible hands when you work with us. We help make your life easier with lighting control solutions. Contact us today to get an estimate on our lighting control services.