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Complete Electric Repairs for Homes & Businesses

The expert team at Mr. Electric of Lakeland offers comprehensive electrical repairs to households and commercial properties throughout Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL. Our highly trained and seasoned electrical service professionals can help you with a broad range of quick and efficient electrical repair solutions for nearly any system issue. We’re dedicated to completing repairs correctly the first time to ensure you can return to your normal routine with a safe and reliable electrical system. Get in touch with us today to schedule residential and commercial electrical repair services at your property.

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Our Expert Electrical Repair Services

Many homeowners and business owners might assume performing their own electrical repairs will save them time and money, but this choice can result in fires, injuries, and damage to their properties. Having a licensed, professional electrician with experience in comprehensive repair solutions for all your projects involving electricity is vital to your system’s safety and reliability. The following are examples of the commercial and residential electrical repair services Mr. Electric of Lakeland offers to local residents and businesses:

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – Does your circuit breaker trip frequently? Does your home or business need to increase its capacity with a circuit breaker upgrade to keep all appliances and devices running whenever you need them? Our electrical experts can perform circuit breaker repairs, upgrades, or replacements to ensure your property meets your electrical demands.
  • Wire Replacement – Old wiring running through your home or business can lead to various problems, including outlet malfunctions, electrical shocks, and house fires. Unfortunately, many old wiring systems, such as aluminum versions, pose a significant fire risk, and you should replace them immediately so that your home has a safe electrical flow.
  • Electrical Outlet Replacement – Antiquated two-prong outlets no longer meet the current electrical code, and older homes often don’t have modern electrical safety outlets to keep families safe. Our service professionals can upgrade your property’s electrical outlets for better home or business protection, effectively providing a reliable power stream and minimizing the chance of shocks and other issues.
  • Electrical Code UpdatesYou might intend to put your home on the real estate market to sell, or you need to make modifications to ensure your home meets the current electrical code. Our team can guide you through the entire process to ensure your property is up to code and ready to sell or support your electrical needs. Furthermore, upgrading your existing home or business’s electrical system may improve your chance of selling it quickly when a potential buyer shows interest and wants to invest.
  • Child Proof Outlets – Child-proof outlets look almost identical to typical wall outlets you find in your home, but manufacturers design them to ensure all young children living in your home stay safe. These outlets feature spring-loaded receptacle cover plates to prevent kids from inserting objects when they apply unequal pressure to the receptacle's contact points.

Schedule Electrical Repairs in Lakeland, FL & Beyond

When looking for a local electrical repair company near you in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or Plant City, FL, your search ends with Mr. Electric of Lakeland. You might have specific concerns about outlets, wiring, and other parts of your electrical system, or you want to verify your home or business meets the current electrical code. Our seasoned electricians are ready to help with unbeatable work quality and an outstanding customer experience. Contact us today to discuss your needs and concerns and schedule quick and reliable electrical repair services at your property.