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Commercial Services

Commercial Services
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  • Ballast and Light Bulb Installation and Replacement

    Mr. Electric has completed thousands of ballast replacements to date. Your local Mr. Electric offers a portfolio of product solutions, including commercial light bulb and ballast replacements that touch every part of the lighting process.

  • Commercial Automation Services

    Are you looking for ways to electronically secure and digitally automate your commercial building’s operation? Do this while improving energy efficiency with commercial automation services from Mr. Electric®. Our professional system installations & upgrades help create a more intelligent building.

  • LED Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Making the switch to LEDs for your commercial property can also save money on your power bill. Experts at Mr. Electric® are ready to help! We offer quality LED lighting installation & replacement services for commercial properties.

  • Outlet Installation and Replacement

    Installing outlets throughout your commercial space is one of the best ways to ensure you have easy access to the electricity you need to operate the appliances and devices you rely on for your business.

  • Outlet Repair and Service

    You rely on reliable electrical delivery systems in a business setting to keep your company going. When a commercial outlet fails, it will throw a serious wrench into your daily operations costing your business money. Trust Mr. Electric® for your commercial outlet repair and maintenance services.

  • Subpanel Installation and Service

    Whether the electrical infrastructure of your business is dated, needs more capacity for your expanding business, or your existing subpanel requires service, Mr. Electric® is the solution. We provide electrical panel upgrades, installation, and maintenance services that you can rely on.

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