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Professional Retrofit Lights Installation in Lakeland, FL

Enhance Your Lighting with Our Retrofitting Services

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your home or business? If your lighting needs an upgrade, but you aren’t quite ready to invest in a complete fixture replacement, retrofit lights are an excellent option for residential and commercial properties. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Lakeland have years of experience providing retrofitting services for home and business owners throughout Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas, including Plant City and Winter Haven.

Whether you want to improve the energy efficiency of your property or enhance the overall aesthetic of your home or business, we are here to provide retrofit light installation services that will exceed your expectations. We know how important lighting is for a functional space, so we are committed to delivering comprehensive lighting solutions that improve your daily life. In addition to providing retrofit lighting services, we are experienced in providing a wide range of commercial & residential electrical services throughout the region. Call us today to learn more about retrofit LED lights!

Professional Retrofit Lights Installation in Lakeland, FL
Enhance Your Lighting with Our Retrofitting Services
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  • Retrofitting services involve upgrading old lighting fixtures to enhance their look and functionality. The word "retrofit" means "conversion," and in most cases, we replace traditional light bulbs with LED ones. Homeowners make the switch to LED retrofit lights because they offer unparalleled energy savings and are more affordable than complete lighting upgrades. Our experienced electricians have the right tools to perform retrofitting installation services safely and effectively so the lighting throughout your home or business is functional and reliable.

  • Every day, more home and business owners are making the switch to retrofit LED lights. Retrofit lighting has several benefits for residential and commercial properties, including:

    • Energy-Efficiency – Investing in retrofit lighting saves you money on energy costs and helps the environment.
    • Less Maintenance – LED lighting lasts much longer than traditional bulbs, making them easier to maintain over time.
    • Improved Lighting Quality – Retrofit LED lights provide safer, more productive households and working environments.
    • Enhanced Aesthetic – The proper lighting not only reduces energy costs and improves the functionality of a space, but it enhances the aesthetics and ambiance of a home or business.
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Should I Get Retrofit Lights for My Home or Business?

Are you wondering if retrofit lights are right for your home or business? The electrical experts at Mr. Electric of Lakeland have years of experience inspecting homes and businesses and evaluating their electrical systems to determine whether retrofitting services fit their property. Our team can provide retrofit lighting options customized to fit your needs, personal preferences, and budget. We offer a wide variety of retrofitting solutions to choose from, and we’ll walk you through the process each step of the way. The following should be considered when deciding whether retrofit lighting is a good option for your property include:

  • The lighting in your home or business is five to ten years old.
  • Guests are complaining about the harshness of your fluorescent lighting.
  • You want to update the look of your residential or commercial property and increase its value.
  • Your traditional lighting is too much work to maintain.
  • You want to save money on energy costs.

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