Lighting Fixture Installation Service

So, you’ve just bought some brand new light fixtures for your home, but you don’t have the tools or knowledge to install them. There’s no need to worry! Mr. Electric offers lighting fixture installation services that are sure to turn your home into the well-lit house of your dreams. Even better, our affordable services can help you save money, time, and stress.

Let Mr. Electric® Install Your Light Fixtures!

Buying a stunning set of sconces or a classy chandelier is easy. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case for installation.

The last thing you want to do with new lighting is install it improperly, or worse, break it during installation. Thankfully, Mr. Electric’s expert electricians are here to perform the light fixture installation tasks that drive most people nuts.

When you hire an electrician from Mr. Electric, you can rest assured that the work is guaranteed. That means that no matter how difficult the installation, we’ll make sure your new lighting is set up properly, exactly where it needs to go.

Don’t risk a broken light fixture or a frustrating day of trying and failing to get your new lights installed. Let Mr. Electric take care of all your lighting installation needs.

Why You Should Add Lighting Fixtures to Your Home

No matter how much you love your home, chances are there’s something you’d like to improve. Adding lighting can be an affordable way to lift the overall appearance of your home without having to make major renovations.


Who doesn’t want their house to look better? Adding a lighting fixture can improve the overall appearance in a way that is often only matched by a major redesign. Different lighting fixtures can complement your space in new and exciting ways, making a memorable experience for your guests and a soothing atmosphere for your family.


Is there an area of your house that only gets sun at certain times of the year? Or do you have storage cabinets or closets that are always too dark inside? Improving the light in these areas can help you more easily access the things you need. Additionally, hiring a professional to install your lighting upgrades prevents you from spending hours trying to do it yourself.

Money Savings

Did you know that installing a light fixture can result in cost savings? New lighting elements often require less power to run than older ones. Adding a new fixture, or several, can ultimately result in a surprisingly significant decrease in your annual power bill expenses.


Not only is a dark home no fun to look at, it can also be downright dangerous. When you illuminate areas that are poorly lit, you can reduce the potential for tripping and other home safety incidents.

Increased Home Value

Finally, home improvements almost always turn out to be worth it in the end. And a lighting upgrade can be a major improvement. In fact, a new light fixture adds enough ambiance and overall improvement that the mere impact of it can highlight and enhance other areas of your home, further increasing its sale value.