Motion Sensor Installation & Service in Lakeland, FL

Boost Security & Efficiency With Motion Sensors

Motion sensor security lights provide an easy way to detect movement, temperature, and lighting changes. They boost the security and energy efficiency of your home. Mr. Electric of Lakeland offers professional motion sensor security lighting services in Lakeland, FL. We provide a variety of room occupancy sensors and motion sensors. Our service professionals can help you find the best type of motion sensors for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our motion sensors.

Mr. Electric electrician installing motion sensors

Security Light Motion Sensor Installation

  We typically install security lights with motion sensors near your doors, garage, or side yard. When the light senses motion, it turns on to illuminate the area. Some of the benefits of installing security lights with motion sensors include the following:


Make life more convenient with a motion sensor that instantly switches on with detected motion.


Motion sensors can help deter potential intruders by switching on when they sense movement.


Lower your energy bills with lights that switch on and off automatically.


Security lighting boosts the exterior appearance of your home. 

The Best Exterior Places to Install Motion Sensors

Exterior motion lights can be placed anywhere around your property. Some of the best places outside to install motion sensors include the following:

Home Entrances

It’s best to install motion sensors anywhere intruders could access your home, including your front and back doors. 

Above the Garage Door

Installing a motion sensor over the garage door helps deter intruders from accessing your vehicles or home. 


We recommend placing motion sensors along your walkway to help avoid trips and falls in the dark. 


Pools and darkness can be a recipe for falls and injuries, so we recommend motion sensors near your pool. 

Decks and Patios

Outdoor living spaces are excellent locations for motion sensors to help avoid trips and falls.

Interior Room Occupancy Sensors

  Room occupancy sensors are installed on your interior walls or ceilings. These motion lights detect movement and automatically switch the lights on or off. Motion sensor lights are beneficial for multiple reasons, including the following:  

Energy Efficiency

Room occupancy sensors can help reduce your lighting energy consumption by automatically turning off lights.


Don't worry about running into things in the dark when motion sensors easily illuminate a room. 


Room occupancy sensors boost safety in your home by helping to reduce accidents in stairwells and bathroom stalls.    


Motion sensors in your home are convenient because you never have to worry about turning on and off lights in specific areas.

The Best Interior Places to Install Motion Sensors

We recommend installing motion sensors anywhere in your home that is challenging to navigate in the dark. Some of the best places to install motion sensors in your home include the following:

Off-Limit Rooms

Add a layer of security when you have small children by placing motion sensors in rooms with cleaning supplies or medicine. 


Placing motion sensors around windows gives you an additional feeling of safety.


When you enter the bathroom in the middle of the night, a motion light automatically switches on for convenience. 

Frequently Occupied Rooms

Place motion sensor lights in areas that are constantly used, but the lights are always left on, so you don’t have to worry about manually turning the lights on and off. 

Under the Bed

A room occupancy light underneath the bed lights up when you step off the bed, illuminating the area around you. 

Under Kitchen Cabinets

Motion lights under your kitchen cabinets give you additional illumination when cooking, preparing meals, or socializing in the kitchen. 

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Mr. Electric of Lakeland is here for your comprehensive electrical services in Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL. We can help boost the efficiency and safety of your home with motion sensors. Our service professionals will help you choose the best locations around your property for motion sensors. We always offer upfront estimates without any hidden fees. We will come to your home to help determine the best electrical upgrades for you. We always customize our electrical services to meet your needs. Contact us today to get an estimate on our motion control installation services.