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Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Style & Security

If you want to dramatically improve your outdoor space’s look, safety, and usefulness, landscape lighting is one of your best choices. Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky offers outstanding landscape lighting installation services to Lexington and Central Kentucky homeowners. Our highly trained and talented professional electricians perform complete landscape lighting design solutions to add various benefits to the outdoor space surrounding your home. Our expert electrical team is committed to installing landscape lighting with unbeatable work quality, paired with exceptional customer service. We will gladly make your vision a reality to let you enjoy our home state’s beautiful weather and expand your home’s living space. Get in touch with us for more information about landscape lighting and to request an accurate estimate covering what your specific project will cost.

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The Benefits of a Landscape Lighting Installation

Whether you’re considering improving your outdoor space with professionally installed lighting or require upgrades to your existing lighting, you’ve turned to the right company. Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky’s professional landscape lighting installers can handle all aspects of your project so you can enjoy all of your new outdoor lighting’s benefits, such as the following:

  • Safety & Security – All homeowners and their families want a safe and secure outdoor environment whenever they spend a nice day or evening outside at home. You can help avoid potentially hazardous areas and accidents by having a well-lit garden area or yard. Adequate lighting will let you navigate your property safely after the sun sets. Outdoor lighting also effectively deters criminals and keeps intruders out of your backyard and away from your home. A home is less likely to be a target if it’s well-lit.
  • Ambiance & Entertainment – Lexington, KY’s weather during warmer months makes your patio or garden area a perfect place for outdoor entertaining. With the right outdoor lighting, you can make your home a hotspot for grilling, parties, and intimate get-togethers. Our outdoor lighting solutions can sufficiently illuminate your pool, patio, deck, recreational space, outdoor kitchen, or sitting area. Adding floodlights to your outdoor space that only turn on when needed can help you spend less money on your utility bills and protect your home.
  • Beauty – Landscape lighting lets homeowners showcase their home’s charm and artistry while accentuating its architecture. Your guests can take in the beauty of your trees, shrubs, flowers, and fountains well after the sun retreats below the horizon. Our professional electricians can create dramatic scenes that reveal your property’s subtle shapes, contours, and textures.
  • Added Value – A landscape lighting installation makes your home stand apart from the other properties on your block. Professional lighting can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase your property’s value. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor lighting as long as you live in your home, making this property investment worthwhile for years.

Outdoor Lighting Options for Any Occasion

Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky installs all types of landscape lighting at any home in the area. If you want to upgrade or add to your property’s outdoor lighting, we’re ready to help. We work with you to determine the best lighting options based on your unique needs, budget, and preferences. Below are examples of the outdoor lighting types we can install around your home’s outdoor spaces:

  • Security Lighting – The criminal element is a fan of working in the dark. A well-lit outdoor space acts as an effective deterrent. Our electrical experts can install floodlights, pathway lighting, wall lights, motion lights, and other options. You can use security lighting independently or combine it with a home security system for enhanced protection.
  • Standard Exterior Lighting – Whether your new home is under construction or the previous owners failed to improve the property with exterior lighting, we can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. Our electrical technicians install all standard exterior lighting types, such as house lights around your household doors, entryways, and windows.
  • Pathway Lighting – You might work nights or make food delivery orders after sunset. We have customers light your pathways to prevent people from tripping and falling for many reasons. Pathway lighting enhances your outdoor space by adding style and giving it a more resort-like look and feel.
  • Tree Lighting – You can easily spotlight your beautiful trees by adding uplighting or giving your lawn a moonlight flow with downlighting. We can also install a combination of these two options to give your landscaping the best look on the block.
  • Outdoor Living Space Lighting – If spending time outdoors and taking in the beautiful Kentucky weather is one of your leisurely pleasures, we can give you a more evening-friendly outdoor space by installing outdoor living space lighting. This solution is perfect for entertaining outdoors when we illuminate your patio, gazebo, cabana, and more with thoughtfully chosen and placed lighting.

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We understand that you can choose from many electrical experts to design and install your landscape lighting. However, Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky proudly upholds our well-earned reputation as one of that area’s best home electrical service companies. We can add security, ambiance, beauty, value, and curb appeal to your home with our landscape lighting solutions. Contact us today to request an accurate estimate or schedule an appointment.