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Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lexington, KY

Elite Electrical Solutions That Keep Your Home Safe

Central Kentucky homeowners like you rely on your electrical panel to keep your home adequately powered and your family safe and sound. The electrical panel regulates the electricity running throughout every area of your home, providing continuous protection from electrical overloading and the associated potential for fire hazards. However, as your home ages, your electrical panel may struggle to keep up with the increasing demand for electricity to supply power to appliances, HVAC systems, lighting, and all of your family’s electronic gadgets.

At Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of world-class electrical services, including transformative electrical panel upgrades for homeowners in Lexington, KY, and throughout the great local communities in Central Kentucky. If your home is ten years or older, our electrical professionals will ensure your electrical system remains up-to-date and functions as it should. Learn more about our electrical panel upgrade services and get started today.

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lexington, KY

Elite Electrical Solutions That Keep Your Home Safe

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  • Older electrical panels are prone to issues and malfunctions as wear and tear sets in, but frequently the cause for many common electrical problems can be diagnosed as circuit overload. As the electrical panel becomes more defective, malfunctions can appear as dimmed or flickering lights and even outlets that fail to supply power to multiple appliances using the same circuit. Sooner or later, circuit breakers may begin to trip more frequently or even fail to trip, posing the risk of melting wires, causing a housefire, and leaving your family at risk of electric shock.

  • Replacing your old, outdated, and hazardous electrical panel is a job that comes with a price tag, and the total cost will depend on a few defining factors. Because each Mr. Electric is independently owned and operated, electrical panel upgrade service prices may vary from location to location. Additionally, replacing a fuse box system with a brand-new electrical panel will differ from the cost of integrating a small secondary panel for an electrical generator. Site conditions also play a role in determining the final costs, such as wiring or installation sites that require work before replacing the panel.

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Should I Repair or Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

There are some cases where our electricians can repair your current electrical panel rather than upgrade it to a brand-new system. Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky can perform a thorough assessment of your existing system and evaluate your household's energy demands to determine whether your panel is a good candidate for repair. Your electrical panel’s manufacturing date and overall safety and reliability are some key factors that affect the decision to repair or upgrade your electrical panel.

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