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Ballast Replacement Services in Lexington, KY

The Best Ballast Replacement Services Near Me

Are you looking to replace ballasts in your lighting fixtures? Look no further than Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky. Our expert electricians in Lexington and Central Kentucky are here to provide reliable and efficient ballast replacement services for residential and commercial properties. Whether you're experiencing flickering lights, buzzing sounds, or non-functional fixtures, our skilled team will diagnose the issue and replace the ballasts with precision and expertise. Don't let faulty ballasts dim your lighting quality. Contact Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky today to schedule your ballast replacement service and brighten up your space.

Ballast Replacement Services in Lexington, KY

The Best Ballast Replacement Services Near Me

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  • Commercial lighting is specifically designed to provide illumination for commercial spaces, catering to a range of business activities from manufacturing to sales. With a variety of options in terms of colors, designs, and intensities, commercial lighting offers customized solutions for different applications. In commercial settings, it is crucial to have ballasts that are specifically matched to the light bulbs they operate. These settings often require larger lighting fixtures with higher power draw, necessitating the use of heavy-duty commercial ballasts to meet the demands. However, the popularity of fluorescent lighting is rapidly being overtaken by LED technology. Over the past 15 years, many companies have made the switch to LED lighting due to its lower maintenance and operating costs. LED lights also offer greater versatility compared to fluorescent lights, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Fluorescent lights are commonly used in commercial settings due to their cost-effectiveness and easy replacement process. Typically, these bulbs require minimal maintenance as long as they are replaced promptly when they start to deteriorate. However, if you observe multiple bulbs on the same fixture flickering or replacing a bulb doesn't resolve the issue, it could indicate a problem with the ballast. During our bulb and ballast replacement service, our experienced team will carefully detach the lights from the casing and remove the fixture cover. Then, we will disconnect the existing wiring and remove the faulty ballast. Once the old ballast is removed, we will install a new one, reconnect the wiring to the fixture, and replace the bulbs. If the problem was indeed a faulty ballast, then you can expect your lights to function properly without flickering or emitting annoying humming noises.

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Reasons You May Need New Lights

There are numerous factors that may prompt the replacement of your current lighting. If you observe any of the following problems with your light fixtures, it may be time to consider bulb and ballast replacement:

  • Dim or flickering lights.
  • Inconsistent on/off functionality.
  • Frequent burnout of light bulbs.
  • Damaged or burnt-out lights.
  • Occurrences of light bulb explosions.
  • Inaccurate lighting color.
  • Insufficient illumination levels.
  • Preference for softer, brighter, or cooler lighting.
  • Switching to longer-lasting bulbs for added convenience and cost savings.
  • Desire to reduce energy consumption associated with older technology bulbs.

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