Electrical Safety Inspections in Lexington, KY

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Electrical Home Safety Inspections for Your Property

Having professional electrical home safety inspections performed on your property is one of the most important things you can do to ensure it’s safe. At Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our residential and commercial customers. We’re committed to going above and beyond for residents throughout Central Kentucky and the surrounding areas, including Lexington and Versailles, ensuring homes are free of safety hazards.

Along with providing high-quality electrical services, our team of experts can help you with a wide range of safety measures, including comprehensive electrical safety inspections for home and business owners. From childproof outlets to GFCI outlet installation and home wiring upgrades, we have everything you need. Reach out to the team at Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky today to learn more!

What Our Residential & Commercial Safety Inspections Include

Our electrical home safety inspections allow us to give home and business owners a detailed assessment of their electrical systems. Our licensed electricians have years of experience inspecting residential electrical systems. They can check to ensure your wiring, systems, and components (including appliances) meet the most updated legal safety standards and function properly for safety, efficiency, and reliability. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we will give you a detailed report, including issues that require immediate attention and recommendations for improvements or upgrades. Our electricians will:

  • Check grounding systems
  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries
  • Check the electrical panel for appropriate labels, amps, and operation
  • Ensure light bulb wattage is correct for the fixtures
  • Check switch and wall outlet operation and condition
  • Check ground fault circuit interrupting devices
  • Check arc fault circuit interrupting devices
  • Check for safety and security lighting
  • Check for proper surge protection
  • Check all outdoor electrical systems
  • Check fuse size and over-current protection
  • Inspect and report any potential hazards
  • Ensure all junction boxes in attics and crawlspaces are secure

Why Do I Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

As the largest cause of property damage in house fires across the United States, it’s essential to have a professional electrical home safety inspection performed by a licensed electrician to resolve any existing or potential electrical issues. At Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, including compliance with all local and national codes dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Home and business owners who have regular electrical safety inspections performed take advantage of several benefits. For property owners who are buying, selling, or considering building a new home, electrical safety inspections are crucial to ensure their home is safe to live in. Electrical home safety inspections can also:

  • Offers property owners peace of mind and a sense of safety
  • Help you save money on home energy costs
  • Maintain electrical safety throughout your home or business
  • Help you find and correct safety hazards before they become dangerous 

When Should an Electrical Safety Inspection Be Performed?

As a homeowner, you should regularly inspect the electrical safety equipment around your home, including your outlets and circuit breaker. It's also essential to have a licensed electrician perform an electrical home safety inspection on your property when:

  • You’re buying a home
  • Your home is more than 40 years old
  • You’re preparing your house for addition or renovations  
  • You’re adding a new heavy-duty appliance to your home

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky?

At Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky, we uphold the highest professional standards. We are committed to providing the highest level of workmanship, safety, and customer care on every project we complete. We protect our customers by conducting a full background check on every electrical technician we hire. Customers throughout the Central Kentucky region choose us for quality electrical services because we’re committed to:

  • Professionalism – We treat each customer’s home or business as if it were our own. We always arrive on time to scheduled appointments and offer up-front, competitive pricing. We communicate openly and honestly about the condition of your home’s electrical system.
  • Reliability – No matter what electrical needs you have, our technicians will find quick, effective, and reliable solutions. We require all our technicians to receive ongoing training to ensure your repairs, replacements, upgrades, and installations are done right the first time.
  • Safety – We perform complete background checks on all hired electrical technicians to give you peace of mind as a property owner.
  • Convenience – We know electrical issues can happen at any time. We offer convenient appointment times that work around your schedule and provide a wide range of electrical services that allow homeowners to get everything they need under one roof.

Call Today to Schedule Your Home Electrical Safety Inspection

If you’re unsure if the electrical system on your property is operating safely, call the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky. We’ll thoroughly inspect your home or business, including all your appliances, to ensure everything is free of safety hazards and operates at the highest efficiency and reliability level. If you're in the home buying or remodeling process, you can contact our team for help.

Whether you need installation, repair, or upgrades, our team has a solution for your Central Kentucky, Lexington, and Versailles, KY, area homes and businesses. Our electrical home safety inspections are an affordable way to give you peace of mind and ensure everyone in your home is safe and sound. We’re happy to answer any questions, whether you’re curious about our inspection process or want an estimate for electrical safety inspection cost. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!