Need a Local Emergency Electrician Near Lexington, KY?

Professional Emergency Electrician Services

An electrical issue disrupts the electricity flow throughout your home or business and can be a challenging time for homeowners. Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky provides emergency electrician services to Lexington, KY. You can trust us to take care of you at any time of day or night when you have an electrical emergency. We offer quick and reliable emergency services to boost the safety of your property. We’ll respond with urgency and quickly locate the root of your problem. Our service professionals are highly trained to handle electrical emergencies. When you notice a sign of electrical problems, contact us as soon as possible. 

Mr. Electric electrician greeting a family at their door.

Signs You Need Emergency Electrical Repairs

It isn’t usually an electrical emergency if you have a tripped breaker, but it is an electrical emergency when you smell burning metal or plastic. Our service professionals will help determine if you need immediate electrical services. We can explain what’s happening with your electricity and put your mind at ease. We always put safety first and understand the severity of electrical emergencies. Some of the most common signs you need emergency electrical services include the following: 

  • Constant flickering light
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Burning metal or plastic odors
  • Outlets or switches are hot to the touch
  • Sparks or smoke are coming from your outlet
  • You lose power and cannot restore it
  • Fallen power lines
  • Buzzing electrical panel

24-hour Emergency Electrician Services

Our service professionals have years of experience repairing all types of electrical issues. Some of the most common emergency electrical services we offer include the following:

  • Electrical panel repairs 
  • Power outages
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Wiring repairs 
  • Electrical component repairs 

Emergency Electrician Services Cost

It’s critical to your safety not to worry about costs in an electrical emergency. We understand some people worry about the emergency electric bill and won’t contact emergency personnel. The truth is that every situation is different, so we don’t ever have a set price for electrical emergency appointments. We consider many factors in our emergency electrician services costs, including:

  • Time – We do not charge a flat fee or any overtime fees for emergency electrical calls.
  • Location – We consider the location of your home and the distance we need to travel to address your electrical emergency.
  • Parts – There is a difference in the price of things like a faulty circuit breaker and a complete electrical panel.

Don’t Handle Electrical Emergencies Yourself

It’s vital to leave electrical emergencies to the professionals. Safety is the most significant benefit of electrical service professionals. Electricity can be a dangerous, powerful force. We understand many people think it’s easier and less money to handle electrical issues on their own. There are too many risks to handling electricity yourself. The slightest error can lead to fire or electrocution. Our service professionals follow safety protocols and have the appropriate tools to perform the job correctly.

Essential Emergency Equipment

Our service professionals have the expertise and tools to perform emergency electrical services. We perform your emergency repairs with high-quality tools and equipment to ensure they’re up to code. We will find the exact cause of your electricity emergency and offer an effective solution. We’ll do our best to minimally disrupt your day to repair your emergency electrical problems.

Choosing Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky

Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky proudly offers emergency electrical services to residents throughout Central Kentucky. We always offer estimates for our electrical services. Our team will explain your issue and help you understand our electrical process to repair it. We won’t charge you overtime fees for our services. We back our parts and work with a guarantee.  Don’t live in fear during an electrical emergency. We are here for you!

Contact Us for Emergency Electrician Services

Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky will answer your call for emergency electrician services. When you notice signs of electrical distress, reach out to us. We will help determine if you have a true emergency and come to your rescue. Electricity is powerful and can cause fires. It’s important to take care of issues as soon as possible. If your emergency happens at night, don’t wait until morning to contact us. Contact us today to receive emergency electrician services.