Professional GFCI Outlet Installation in Lexington, KY

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Mr. Electric Makes Installing GFCI Outlets Look Easy

Several decades ago, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets were invented to protect people against the risk of electrical shock in their homes. These outlets should be placed in the rooms in your home where the risk of electrical shock is the greatest, including your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. GFCI outlets can be recognized by their “Test” and “Reset” buttons. If you want to bring your home up to modern building code standards and prevent electrical shock, professional GFCI outlet installation by the team of licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky is an inexpensive solution. We have years of experience installing GFCI outlets for homeowners throughout Central Kentucky and the surrounding areas, including Lexington and Versailles. Reach out to the team at Mr. Electric today to learn more about our GFCI outlet installation services!

What Is a GFCI Outlet?

GFCI outlets provide advanced safety features that traditional outlets do not. They constantly monitor the amount of electricity that's being transferred through them. If the device you have plugged in starts pulling more electricity from the outlet, the GFCI outlet will trip, grounding the excess electricity within 1/30th of a second.

Testing Your GFCI Outlets

All property owners should understand how their GFCI outlets operate and regularly test them for reliability and protection. Some people get confused when they don't know how to reset a GFCI outlet. If your GFCI outlet isn't powering a device that's plugged in, you should press the reset button. If that doesn't restore power to the device, you should try testing your GFCI outlet. Follow these steps to test your GFCI electrical outlet:

  1. Push the "Test" button to trip the breaker, shutting off the flow of electricity.
  2. Plug in a small electronic device, such as a nightlight. At this point, the device you have plugged in shouldn't be powered on.
  3. Press the "Reset" button. Power should return to the outlet, allowing the device to turn on.

If the power doesn't return to the outlet and turn on the device, the electricians at Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky can help you with GFCI outlet repair or replacement services. 

Does the National Electrical Code Require GFCI Outlets?

Over the years, the National Electric Code has increased the use of GFCI outlets in residential homes and commercial buildings. Initially, GFCI outlets were only required around swimming pools and spas. Today, the most updated electrical code requires them in nearly any room prone to moisture exposure. The following list includes every room that should have GFCI outlets installed according to the most recent 2020 Electrical Code:

  • Around pools and spas since 1971
  • On exterior outlets since 1973
  • In bathrooms since 1975
  • In garages since 1987
  • On kitchen countertops since 1987
  • In crawlspaces and unfinished basements since 1990
  • In wet bars since 1993
  • In laundry and utility rooms since 2005

Is There Anywhere I Shouldn’t Install a GFCI Outlet?

While GFCI outlets are great for protecting against electrical shock, they’re not suitable for every room in your home or appliance. Most heavy-duty appliances, such as washers and dryers, require outlets that can draw more electricity. Some devices can produce too much heat or electromagnetic interference that can cause GFCI outlets to trip often. It's important to avoid plugging extension cords or power strips into GFCI outlets whenever possible, as the higher amount of electricity can prevent them from working properly.  

Schedule Your GFCI Outlet Installation Today

If your home doesn't have GFCI outlets in the rooms it should, according to the most current electrical code, we can help keep your family safe. The GFCI installation services provided by the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky are quick, reliable, and affordable. Let our experts decide which rooms need GFCI outlets installed at your property in Central Kentucky and the surrounding areas, including Lexington and Versailles. With years of experience, our team offers a wide range of commercial and residential services for all your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more about GFCI outlets or request an estimate for service!