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Mr. Electric of Land O Lakes offers commercial electrical panel upgrades in Florida. Does your business need an electrical repair or installation? Our experts at Mr. Electric are readily available to help if you are in Land O Lakes, Port Richey, Zephyrhills, or Wesley Chapel, FL. We are trained to handle any electrical panel or circuit system to ensure your building runs normally daily. No matter how complex your situation is, it's always best to trust a professional to handle the job for your safety and convenience. We aim to help you have a convenient work environment where your electrical operates without frequent malfunctions. If something goes wrong or you need a checkup, contact us today for service. 

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What Is an Electrical Panel? 

An electrical panel is like the boss of electricity in a building, whether it's a house or a school. It's a special box that you usually find in places like a basement, garage, or utility room. Inside this box are switches and circuit breakers that help control how electricity flows around the building. These switches and circuit breakers are like protectors that keep the electrical system safe. They stop things like fires or damage to appliances. If there's too much electricity in a circuit, the circuit breaker automatically switches off the power to that circuit to keep everything out of harm's way.

Remember, electricity can be dangerous if you don't handle it correctly. That's why it's essential to let a trained electrician take care of any fixes or changes to the electrical panel. Let us know if you notice any problems like lights flickering or circuits not working so we can fix them safely.

Where Is the Panel Located in My Building? 

The electrical panel is typically located in a commercial building in a designated electrical room or utility area. This area is usually set aside specifically for electrical equipment and systems. You may find the electrical panel on a wall or inside a metal enclosure in this dedicated space. The exact location can vary depending on the building's design and layout, but it is commonly found in areas such as a basement, utility closet, or mechanical room. It is important to note that only authorized personnel, such as electricians or maintenance staff, should access the electrical panel to ensure the safety and proper maintenance of the electrical system.

When Might You Need a New Installation?  

There are various reasons why you may need a new electrical panel installation. The critical part is knowing when to do so and how to go about a plan of action. When your system is malfunctioning or outdated, you shouldn't wait to have it checked. When you call us for service, we will come out to evaluate the situation and suggest the best option with a repair or commercial panel installation. Here are the following indicators of when you should contact us for service:

  • If your current electrical panel is very old: Electrical panels have a lifespan, and if yours needs to be updated or has been in use for many years, it may not be able to handle the electrical demands of modern appliances and devices. Upgrading to a new panel can provide better safety and efficiency.
  • If you frequently experience electrical issues: If you often deal with circuit breakers tripping, flickering lights, or power outages, it could mean that your electrical panel is overwhelmed or faulty. Installing a new panel can help solve these problems and provide a more reliable electrical system.
  • If you plan to expand or renovate your property: If you're adding new rooms and appliances or making significant changes to your building, you might need a larger electrical panel to accommodate the increased electrical load. Ensuring that your electrical system can handle the additional power requirements is essential.
  • If your current panel shows signs of damage: If you notice frayed or melted wires, burn marks, or any other signs of damage in your electrical panel, it's crucial to address them promptly. Damaged panels can pose serious safety risks and should be replaced to prevent potential hazards.

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Service?

Handling electrical systems is a dangerous and strategic job. If you have little experience dealing with these appliances, leaving the risky work to the professionals is best. Commercial electrical panel installations must be done carefully in a way that will impact the entire office building. If one wrong step is taken, it could cause unwanted issues and malfunctions that delay progress. Your safety is our top priority, so let us take care of any maintenance safely and on time.

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Mr. Electric of Land O Lakes is committed to creating a work environment you can comfortably be in daily. You shouldn't have to work under annoying conditions with lights that flicker or outlets that don't work correctly when you need to charge a computer or clean the office. No matter the situation, we are happy to help when needed to ensure your system stays intact. Contact us today to schedule a service.