Outlet Installation in Land O’ Lakes, FL

Updating Your Electrical Outlets

Trust our electrical experts when your old power outlets cannot stand up to the test of today's power needs. Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes offers electrical outlet installation services in Land O' Lakes, FL. We can install new outlets to resolve many energy-related problems. If you frequently trip circuit breakers or notice your power struggling to keep up, outlet installations are an excellent solution. Many outlets cannot handle modern technology's needed power, so keeping them safe with outlet upgrades is critical. Contact Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes to schedule outlet installation services today.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a power outlet

We Install All Outlet Types

Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes installs every type of outlet for your home. Our electrical experts will come to your home to inspect your outlets and determine if you need new outlet installations. Some of the most common outlets we can install include the following:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets – GFCI outlets are required in all areas that have moisture in your home. They stop any abnormal current flow to help protect you from electric shock.
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets – AFCIs sense power arcs and stop them to help protect your home from a fire.
  • Smart Outlets – Smart devices work easily with smart outlets to help connect them all together and enhance the convenience and security of your home.
  • USB Outlets – USB outlets are an excellent addition for added convenience for people that get tired of searching for charging bricks and want an easily-accessible USB outlet.
  • Switched Outlets – A switched outlet is half power switch and half power receptacle, making it easy to flip the switch and turn off the outlet. 
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets – Child-resistant outlets help improve safety by refusing to work if a plug is not inserted correctly.
  • Two-Duplex Outlets – A two-duplex outlet is extremely useful in home offices and kitchens for added convenience.
  • 15-amp Outlets – A 15-amp outlet is your home's standard three-prong outlet that is perfect for any area where you don't need to plug many things in at once.
  • 20-amp Outlets – 20-amp outlets are excellent for high-current kitchen appliances, including toaster ovens and blenders.
  • 30-amp Outlets – We typically install 30-amp outlets for RV shore power outlets or gas dryers for a high level of energy consumption.
  • 50-amp Outlets –50-amp outlets are the largest type of outlet and are required for large appliances.

Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Upgrades

Most outlets happily work in your home without causing a problem unless they cannot handle the power. Contact our electrical experts for new outlet installations if you notice any of the following signs:

  • No Power – If you plug something into an outlet and it will not work, it may not be able to handle the demanded electrical flow.
  • Burns – Excessive heat marks indicate the outlet is overheating or the wires are old.
  • Faceplate Cracks – Debris can get into small cracks in your faceplate and cause a buildup inside, exposing the metal contacts.
  • Two-Hole Outlets – Homes built before the 1960s had two-slot outlets for the hot wire and neutral wire. A third grounding hole is now required for proper current flow.

Contact Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes

Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes is here for all your electrical needs in Port Richey, Land O’Lakes, and Zephyrhills, FL. We will give you a free estimate and honest pricing for outlet installations. Your safety is our priority, so it’s critical to ensure your electricity is safe. We back our work with a guarantee. Whether you need updated GFCI outlets our want to install smart outlets for convenience, we are here for you. Contact us today to schedule outlet installation services.