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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Land O’Lakes, FL

Professionally Upgraded Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel is constantly regulating the electricity flow through your home. When a circuit demands too much electricity, the circuit breaker trips to stop the flow of electricity. Too much electricity flowing through your home can be a fire hazard. Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes provides electrical panel upgrades in Land O’ Lakes, FL. We often recommend an electrical panel upgrade if your home is over ten years old. Contact us to get a free estimate on our electrical panel upgrade services.
Electrical Panel Upgrades in Land O’Lakes, FL
Professionally Upgraded Electrical Panels
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  • Your electrical panel is typically located in a closet, garage, utility room, or basement. It has a row of circuit breakers that distribute the electricity from your main power line into smaller lines. These switches may be doubled or tripled together to accommodate the electricity load of large power appliances. The circuit breaker switches have numbers that explain the number of amps each brand line carries before it is tripped. You will also see a main power breaker that can switch off the power to the complete electrical system.
  • As electrical panels age, they often show signs of wear and tear. Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes will check your electrical panel for necessary upgrades. If you’re thinking about home renovations, an electrical panel upgrade is an excellent addition. You need an electrical panel upgrade when you add modern devices that need more power. The most common signs you may need an electrical panel upgrade include the following:

    • Crackling or sizzling sounds
    • Corrosion and rust
    • The need for excessive extension cords
    • The electrical panel feels warm
    • Appliances won’t run on full power
    • Your home has a 60-amp electrical service
    • Your home has 100-amp electrical service and will not run all appliances
    • You have a fuse block panel or split-bus panel
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Electrical Panel Urgent Upgrades

If your home is more than 25 years old, it may be ready for an upgraded electrical panel. Any electrical panel installed before 1990 may be defective. The following electrical panels need urgent upgrades, including:

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Electrical Panel

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission classifies the FPE electrical panel as unsafe. This type of electrical panel was installed in new homes between 1950 and 1980. They may have defects that can increase the risk of electric shocks and fires.

Zinsco Electrical Panel

Zinsco panels were not installed in any homes after the 1970s. The panels have a defect in their design that still allows power to flow when the breakers are not on. The breaker switches may also melt.

Pushmatic Electrical Panel

Pushmatic electrical panels were made with weak breaker switches. Their design makes it next to impossible to stop complete power flow because they weren't made with a main breaker switch.

Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes cannot handle the required amps of 200 or more in today's homes. The outdated systems are an electrocution and fire risk. We will replace your fuse box with your home's correct electrical panel system.

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