Circuit Installation & Upgrades in Land O’Lakes, FL

Upgrade Your Circuits to Boost Home Safety

An aging electrical system sometimes has trouble adapting to today's modern technology. Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes offers circuit installation and upgrades in Land O' Lakes, FL. We'll ensure your electrical system is working at optimal levels to keep up with your electrical demands. Our electrical experts quickly and efficiently install your electrical circuit panel upgrades. Contact us today to learn more about our circuit breaker installation services and get a free estimate.

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Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Circuits?

Today's modern devices have a high-power demand. Installing new circuits in your home helps you keep updated with your technology and boosts the safety of your home. Our electrical professionals can help reduce the risk of fire and circuit overloads with circuit upgrades. Circuit installation and upgrades can include replacing the existing wires, outlets, and circuit breakers. Our experts know the necessary upgrades to keep your home as safe as possible from overloaded circuits and fire hazards.

Common Signs It’s Time for New Circuits

The most significant reason to upgrade to new circuits is any time you increase the demand on your electrical panel. When you increase the demand on your electrical panel, the circuits work harder to keep up with the proper output. Your circuits may show signs they need an upgrade, including:

  • Overloaded circuits – When circuit breakers constantly trip, it typically indicates they cannot handle the amount of power.
  • Power issues – If you’ve recently added a high-power draw device to your home, you may notice your lights dimming or flickering as they try to keep up with the demand.
  • Warm outlets – Your outlets and breakers may feel warm when the circuits have too much electricity flowing through them.
  • Outdated Parts – If you have fuse panels running your electricity, they cannot keep up with modern electrical needs and must be upgraded.

Preventing an Electrical Circuit Overload

Our electric professionals at Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes can help you understand the best ways to help prevent an electrical circuit overload in your home. Many homeowners try to plug high-draw devices like laser printers and computer towers into the same outlet, overloading it. Your circuit breakers will trip when they cannot support the devices. It’s essential to avoid overloading the circuits in your home to help avoid electrical fires. Your wiring and outlets should be upgraded to handle the larger demand for electricity.

Reasons for Circuit Updates

Many people choose to upgrade their circuits to keep up with their home’s electrical demands. Some of the most common reasons homeowners upgrade their circuits include the following:

  • Specialty Lighting – Many people upgrade their circuits when they install track lighting mood lighting task lighting, or recessed lighting.
  • Security System Installation – Your circuits must be able to support your security system’s control panel. 
  • Appliances – You may need additional outlets for upgraded or new appliances.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – Many homeowners upgrade outlets and circuits when they add a swimming pool, hot tub, or a new sprinkler system. 
  • Home Office Equipment – The electricity demands of many home offices require more energy.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – You may need an electricity boost when you add upgrades like an electric vehicle charging station or a solar water heater. 

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