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If your home has outdated wiring, trust our electrical experts to upgrade it. Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes offers home wiring updates in Land O’ Lakes, FL. We understand adequate electric wiring is about more than safety. We can help enhance the function of your home and ensure it’s more reliable to keep up with today’s power needs. Wiring in your home is often overlooked after technicians install it, so it’s essential to ensure it’s working correctly. If your home is over 40 years old, electrical wiring updates are critical to helping reduce the risk of electric shock and fires. Contact us today to learn more about home wiring updates.

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Does My Wiring Need Updating?

Our home wiring experts can help determine if your home needs upgraded electrical wiring. Your 

electrical system may show signs that indicate you need to update your home’s electrical wiring. We will update your wiring to comply with modern electrical code updates. We can perform an electrical safety inspection to determine the health of your wiring. The most common signs you may need to update your home’s electrical wiring include the following: 

You Have Aging Wiring

We know rewiring your home’s electrical system is a complex project. Our electrical experts don’t always need to replace the wiring completely. Homes built in the 1960s and 1970s often have outdated aluminum wiring, while homes built in the 1940s and 1950s have non-metallic wiring. If your home was built before the 1930s, it might have hazardous knob and tube wiring. We can upgrade these types of wiring, replace frayed wires, and install new connections. 

Your Outlets Are Ungrounded with Two-Prongs

One of the most significant signs of an outdated electrical system is ungrounded two-pronged outlets. Without proper grounding, the outlet’s electrical excesses can only go into the person or device that is in contact with it. A surge protector cannot protect these types of outlets from electrical excess. Installing three-pronged outlets with grounded wires is critical to help reduce the risk of electric shock.

You Need Updated GFCIs 

GFCI outlets have “Test” and ”Reset” buttons on their receptacles. These outlets help protect you from electric shock in areas with moisture around your home. GFCIs are required in your laundry room, spa area, swimming pool area, garage, bathrooms, kitchen, basements, and other areas with moisture. We can quickly and easily install updated GFCI outlets to boost the safety of your home.

Your Home Lacks AFCIs

AFCIs boost the safety of your home by helping to prevent fire by acting as circuit breakers. NEC requires AFCI installations in living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms, dining rooms, and other gathering spots. Some states require AFCI installations in all the home’s circuits.

You Need Updated Appliance Outlets 

Appliance outlets for your washers, ovens, and dryers must safely draw high amounts of electricity. While these high-powered outlets didn’t always need unique plugs, today’s appliances require a 240-volt outlet for safe performance. Most modern 240 plugs have four prongs for updated safety. We often find three-prong wiring in homes with older electrical systems.

Your Home’s Electrical Panel Needs More Power

60-amp breaker wiring could power homes years ago, but today’s homes need more power. Your home typically needs about 100 to 200 amps of power to operate your appliances and electronics successfully. High-powered devices like your televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners require a high amount of power. We can install upgraded breaker box wiring to meet your home’s energy needs. 

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 Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes provides comprehensive electrical services in Land O’ Lakes, Port Richey, and Zephyrhills, FL. We can update your home’s wiring to ensure it’s updated with the latest code updates. We’re committed to helping your home perform at its best while staying safe. We always offer honest pricing and free estimates. We also back our work with a guarantee. Contact us today to schedule service to assess your home’s wiring.