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Circuit Breaker Replacement in Land O Lakes

Improve Your Safety With Upgraded Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers manage the electrical load of your home. As modern-day devices and appliances add to this load, you may need a circuit breaker upgrade. Mr. Electric of Land O' Lakes offers circuit breaker replacement services for Land O’ Lakes, FL, residents. If your circuit breaker panel keeps tripping or your old breakers are having trouble keeping up, let us install a new circuit breaker to keep up with your increased electrical demands. Contact us today to get an estimate on our circuit breaker replacement services.
Circuit Breaker Replacement in Land O Lakes
Improve Your Safety With Upgraded Circuit Breakers
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  • Many older homes have never gotten a circuit breaker upgrade. If your breakers constantly trip, you hear strange sizzle sounds, the system is warm to the touch, or the system has never been upgraded, it may be time for a circuit breaker replacement. Our experts will determine if your home is ready for a breaker upgrade.
  • When an overwhelming amount of electricity is transferred across your electrical wires, it causes an electrical circuit overload. The circuit cannot handle the electricity and trips the switch to cut power to your devices. You can help prevent an electrical circuit overload by upgrading your outlets and the wiring in your home to handle the large amount of electricity.

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Replacing a Circuit Breaker for Home Upgrades

If you’re adding features to your home, we recommend contacting our professionals to determine if you need to upgrade or replace your circuits. The most common reasons homeowners upgrade their existing circuit breaker system include the following:

  • Overloaded Outlets – When you’re using multiple power strips and need more electrical support, it’s best to upgrade to ensure your outlets aren’t overloaded.
  • Specialty Lighting – Specialty lighting like track lighting, accent lighting, and recessed lighting often requires circuit upgrades.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – Adding outdoor features like a sprinkler system or swimming pool requires more electricity.
  • Appliances – Upgraded appliances run on a higher amount of electricity, so your home needs to be able to keep up with the supply and demand.
  • Home Entertainment Centers – Home entertainment systems typically have many things plugged in and working simultaneously.
  • Garage or Workshop – Many homeowners request new outlets and upgrades to make their garage or workshop more functional.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – You will need more electricity for modern upgrades, including solar panels, solar water heaters, or electric vehicle charging stations.

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