Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lakeland, FL

Quick Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lakeland, FL

One of the primary components that ensures your commercial property operates safely and comfortably is your commercial electrical panel. If there is a problem with your electrical panel, your appliances or equipment, or the amperage of power supplied to your business, you might experience a power outage. Serious electrical panel issues can cause fire, electrocution, and even explosion.

At Mr. Electric of Lakeland, we specialize in fast, professional commercial electrical panel upgrades in Lakeland, Plant City, and Winter Haven, FL. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, you have frequent power outages, or you plan on expanding your commercial property, you should contact us for a commercial panel upgrade. Call us today to schedule a consultation for an electrical panel upgrade.

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Understanding Your Electrical Panel

Your commercial electrical panel directs the flow of electricity from the electric meter outside your property to the wiring inside the building. Each electrical panel safely controls, monitors, and manages the flow of power throughout your commercial building or buildings, ensuring that each switch, outlet, and piece of electrical equipment gets the power necessary to operate safely and efficiently. If your commercial electrical panel isn’t functioning properly, or if it doesn’t supply enough power for your needs, you risk electrocution, fire, power outages, short circuit, and explosion. If too many pieces of equipment are operating on the same circuit or area of the building, the circuit will trip and cut off power to that entire area to prevent safety issues. If your circuit breakers keep tripping or if you plan on adding on to your commercial property or installing additional electrical equipment, you will need a commercial panel upgrade. A commercial electrical services company can evaluate your electrical panel and determine if it needs to be repaired or upgraded. There are two primary types of commercial electrical panels:

  • Single-phase – This is the most common type of commercial electrical panel. It is installed in smaller buildings or properties that have lower energy needs. It isn’t as durable as a three-phase electrical panel, but it works well for smaller buildings, add-ons, and outbuildings.
  • Three-phase – The three-phase system supplies electricity to large buildings and businesses. It consists of three wires that carry current from the electric meter to the electrical panel. Each phase has two live wires and one neutral wire. This allows more amperage to flow through the electrical panel and circuit breaker without overheating.

Determine if You Need a Commercial Panel Upgrade

If your commercial electrical panel isn’t meeting the needs of your business or property, it can endanger your employees and customers. The risk of fire, power outages, and other safety issues significantly increases when your commercial electrical panel isn’t providing enough amperage to meet your power needs. If you notice any of these problems with your electricity, wiring, or electrical panel, call us today to discuss a commercial panel upgrade:

  • Circuit breakers keep tripping.
  • There are frequent power outages.
  • The electrical panel is hot.
  • You are using too many extension cords or power strips to get the power you need.
  • The electrical panel is rusted, corroded, burned, or damaged.
  • Lights often flicker or dim, especially when certain electrical equipment is used.
  • You hear a humming or buzzing noise near the electrical panel.
  • Your business has grown, and you need to add electrical equipment or outlets.
  • You plan on expanding your commercial property by building an addition or adding more buildings.
  • Your property is using a split bus panel or fuse box.
  • Crucial electrical equipment isn’t operating on a separate circuit.
  • Your electrical service conductors keep overheating.
  • Your insurance company requires a commercial electrical panel upgrade.
  • The panel looks old, the wiring looks damaged or worn, or you can’t make out the labeling on the circuit breakers.
  • You see burn or scorch marks on the electrical panel or outlets.

Explore Our Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

Only an experienced professional should perform commercial electrical panel upgrade services. Attempting to do it yourself can cause injury, fire, electrocution, property damage, or violation of electrical codes or insurance policies. Our commercial electrical panel services include:

  • Electrical panel repair
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Installation of additional circuits
  • Rewiring electrical panels
  • Relocating electrical panels
  • Bus bar replacement

Why Choose Mr. Electric for Commercial Panel Upgrade

At Mr. Electric of Lakeland, we are dedicated to ensuring that the businesses in our community have the electrical services they need to operate safely and correctly. Our experienced technicians can install a new commercial electrical panel or upgrade your existing system so that it functions efficiently and effectively, and protects your property, employees, and visitors from safety issues. Our comprehensive commercial electrical services are affordable and reliable, and we make every effort to work efficiently to avoid downtime for your business. Contact us today if you suspect there is an issue with your property’s electrical panel, or if your business’s electrical needs aren’t being met safely.

Schedule Electrical Panel Upgrade in Lakeland, FL

Call us today or contact us online to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Lakeland, Plant City, or Winter Haven, FL. Our team of experienced technicians can conduct a safety assessment of your commercial property and determine if you need commercial electrical panel upgrade services. During this consultation, we can also provide an estimate for the cost of commercial panel upgrades.