Expert Installation for Wireless Light Controls in Charlotte, NC

Upgrade Your Home: Lighting Control Installation Services

Smart home automation offers many benefits, such as greater convenience and reduced time spent on routine household tasks. One effective way to turn your home into a smart home is to upgrade to wireless light controls. With Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro’s lighting control installation services in the Charlotte, NC area, you can easily get more functionality and convenience out of your home. It’s not just a home upgrade; it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

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Supercharge Your NC Home With Our Light Control Solutions

With our light control solutions, you’ll be able to use a wireless, hand-held remote to easily control all your indoor and outdoor lighting. Using the same control, you can even manage your small appliances, thermostats, lamps, and holiday lighting. It’s convenience at its best. What’s more, you’ll be able to control the amount of light you prefer to instantly set the right mood. Our wireless light controls can make your home eco-friendlier by automatically turning off lights when needed. In other words, you may be able to reduce your electric bill. The light control solutions available from Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro include light control stations, light timers, dimmers, and room occupancy sensors.

Set the Right Mood with Our Light Control Stations

Wouldn’t you love to be able to strike exactly the right mood with just the touch of a button? How about easily controlling light throughout your entire home from one control station? With the light control stations from Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro, you can! From one central light control station, you’ll be able to control the light scenes throughout your entire home. The controls are accessible via keypad and remote. You can easily manage your whole home’s lighting without having to walk into each room.

Use Light Timers for an Eco-Friendly Home

You can place your indoor and/or outdoor light fixtures (including holiday lights) on timers. This means you won’t have to worry about leaving the lights on for too long. You’ll be able to keep your property well-lit to improve your family’s security yet avoid leaving the outdoor lights on for too long. With our easily managed light timers, you’ll be able to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint, yet still enjoy convenience and security. Plus, you’ll love the reduced energy bills!

Apply Light Dimmers to Set the Desired Mood

Light dimmers are a popular light control solution. They allow you to manage how intense each light fixture is. You’ll get exactly the right amount of light whether you’re hard at work on a project or simply relaxing in your sanctuary. You can easily turn down the lights to watch a movie or enjoy a romantic dinner or turn up the lights when working in your home office.

Room Occupancy Sensors Offer Ultimate Convenience

Are you looking for another way to reduce your energy bill and save more money? We recommend our room occupancy sensors. These will automatically turn on the lights when someone enters a room and turn them off when there is no motion in the room. These can be particularly useful for homes with young children, who may sometimes forget to turn off lights as they leave the room. They’re also a popular option for bathrooms.

What Does Lighting Control Installation Cost in Charlotte?

Since there are no two homes that are exactly alike in Charlotte, NC, and no two homeowners who want exactly the same thing, we’ll need to visit your property and discuss your specific light control needs to develop an estimate. When you choose Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro, you can enjoy upfront, honest pricing with flat rates and no surprise charges. We regularly offer special deals for greater savings. If you join our Advantage Plan®, you’ll have access to members-only specials. Plus, we offer financing options for even more convenience! It’s all part of our commitment to helping our neighbors in Charlotte access the home maintenance services they need.

Request an Estimate for Our Light Control Solutions Today!

When you’re ready to bring your home into the 21st century with wireless light controls that deliver superior functionality, you can count on the trusted service professionals at Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro. Our experienced team will take the time to listen to your goals for your home before recommending lighting control stations that work for you. We look forward to helping you make your home more functional and eco-friendly. Contact us today to request an estimate for our lighting control installation services in Charlotte, North Carolina.