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Electrical Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Professional Electrical Repair Services

Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro provides electric repairs for homes and businesses in Charlotte, NC. Our licensed and insured electricians can help you with a vast range of electrical services around the clock. We’re devoted to ensuring your electrical repairs are done right the first time. We understand the hassle of electrical problems. We always inspect your electrical wiring for safety hazards and boost the well-being of your home or office. Contact us today for a quote on our services.

Electrical Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Professional Electrical Repair Services

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  • Some homeowners may qualify for energy rebates thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. The act allocates about $370 billion for climate and energy programs with $9 for total energy rebates. Homeowners can receive rebates of up to $4,000 for upgraded electrical panels, up to $2,500 for wiring repairs, and more. Contact your local Mr. Electric® to discuss how we can help with your electrical repairs today.
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Electrical Repair Services We Offer

Hiring a licensed and professional electrician to perform all electrical repairs is vital. Our experienced electrical repair services include the following:

Circuit Breaker Replacement if your circuit breaker trips frequently or you need to upgrade it to keep up with your appliances, we offer circuit breaker replacement services. If your circuit breaker ever feels hot or smells like smoke, it’s critical to replace it immediately. A Zinco electrical panel or Federal Pacific Electric panel is outdated and needs an update.

Wiring Updates Old wiring can cause safety hazards, so we update the wiring for a safe electrical flow. Some signs you may need updated wiring include the presence of aluminum wiring, missing GFCIs, inadequate appliance outlets, and an insufficient electrical panel. Updated writing can lower your risk of electric shock and fire hazards.

Electrical Outlet Replacement Outdated two-prong outlets are not up to code, so we can upgrade your electrical outlets to offer a more reliable power stream. We can install all types of new electrical outlets, including GCIs, AFCIs, USB outlets, smart outlets, and more. Our team can recommend the best updated electrical outlets for you.

Electrical Code Updates Your home must be updated with the latest NEC electrical code updates for safety. Most insurance companies do not offer insurance for homes with a knob or tube wiring, so homes like these must-have electrical code updates. We will inspect your current electrical system to determine the necessary electrical code updates for your home or business.

Child-Proof Outlets Child-proof outlets are designed to keep young children safe in your home. The cover plates have spring-loaded receptacles that prevent strange objects from getting inserted into the receptacle. Our child-proof outlets are designed to allow the outlet to stay open for proper use while making it difficult to insert a foreign object into them.

Fuse Box Replacement: We can replace your outdated fuse box with a modern circuit breaker panel. Traditionally, a circuit fuse blew and needed replacement when it got overloaded. Today, we install fuse box replacements with innovative electrical systems to improve safety. A modern circuit breaker panel is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your home or business’s electrical system.

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