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Electrical Code Updates & Corrections in Charlotte, NC

Professional NEC Electrical Updates

Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro helps Charlotte, NC, residents, and professionals protect their electrical systems with compliant electrical code updates and corrections. Electrical hazards can put your family in danger and cause fires. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reports that faulty wiring issues cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of fires every year. Our electrical experts are here to lower your risk of electrocution and ensure electrical codes are updated correctly. Contact us to learn more.
Electrical Code Updates & Corrections in Charlotte, NC
Professional NEC Electrical Updates
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  • We specialize in essential electrical code updates. The National Electrical Code (NEC) sets electrical standards for the safe installation, design, and inspection of electrical wiring. The code began in 1897 and is updated by the NFPA every three years to help reduce fire hazards and accidents. Many homeowners don’t realize ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) requirements have gotten stricter, reducing residential electrical shock incidents. Staying informed on electrical code updates helps homeowners and business owners know how to protect their properties better.
  • The National Electric Code changes code compliances every three years for updated safety. It’s critical to have a professional electrician perform these important updates. Our team will inspect your home for outdated wiring and any electrical safety hazards. Our expert electricians can perform all updates with exemplary benefits, including:

    • Checking your home to ensure it includes the latest requirements for electrical wiring and installations to help reduce fire hazards
    • Inspecting a home before purchasing to verify its safety features
    • Preventing delays when selling your home by updating codes
    • Protecting you against liability issues, loss of life, and injuries from electrical incidents
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2020 NEC Electrical Code Updates

Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro’s electricians are trained to inspect your electrical systems to ensure they stand up to the latest NEC updates. Some of the most significant 2020 NEC electrical code updates include:

  1. Load calculation tables must be revised to reflect the energy efficiency of many modern improvements. These changes reflect updates like LED lighting that is significantly more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs
  2. Exterior emergency power disconnect switches must be included in all new one- and two-family homes. These switches offer emergency responders a safer working environment.
  3. GFCI protection requirements now include all 125- and 250-volt receptacles supplied by a single-phase circuit with 150 volts or less to the ground.
  4. De-energizing panel boards have altered service disconnect rules to help improve electrical worker safety.
  5. Cables that are installed on walls and ceilings must be covered.
  6. GFCI protection is required on basement receptacles, whether the basement is finished or unfinished.
  7. Surge protection requirements are increased to help protect sensitive safety equipment.
  8. Newer Ethernet cables that transmit electrical power and data are now included in a new section governing their use.
  9. Solar-generated energy storage requirements were revised to stay updated with transforming home energy storage technologies.
  10. Electric vehicle battery power is now included in an item that governs how homeowners transfer energy from residential wiring to the EV.

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