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Specialty Commercial Lighting Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Brighten Up Your Business with Specialty Lighting

Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro provides commercial special lighting services for businesses in Charlotte, NC. We proudly install customized, energy-efficient lighting options for the indoors and outdoors of your business. Whether you love a subtle lighting look or need a festive holiday lighting display, we are here for you. Our expert team of electricians knows the best types and places for all your lighting needs.
Specialty Commercial Lighting Solutions in Charlotte, NC
Brighten Up Your Business with Specialty Lighting
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  • Our electricians take time to design and install lighting solutions that best fit your business's needs. We handle jobs of all sizes to ensure you're happy with the lighting. We understand the critical need for efficient lighting solutions for a business. We love designing special-purpose lighting and pay close attention to every detail. After every lighting installation, we offer a free electrical inspection for your peace of mind.
  • Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro designs and installs special lighting that focuses on lowering your energy bills. Energy-efficient light bulbs help reduce your energy costs while brightening your space. We are committed to helping the environment and ensuring all your wiring and bulbs are up to code.
  • Commercial ballasts are a perfect solution if your fluorescent bulbs keep burning out. Commercial ballasts are excellent additions because they limit the electrical current flow into your fluorescent bulbs, resisting burnout. We use state-of-the-art lighting ballasts that match your bulbs.
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Transform Your Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in your business. Our electrical experts would love to help you with all your commercial specialty lighting needs, including:

  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Surge Protection
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Lighting boosts the look and feel of a business. Some of the other significant benefits of commercial specialty lighting include the following:

    • Adds visibility to your company
    • Showcases different rooms in your business
    • Displays colors and designs to show off each room
    • Boosts security and feelings of safety
    • Enhances specific areas with different styles
  • Accent Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Home accent lighting provides visual interest inside and out. Mr. Electric® will help you add customized lighting that brings you joy whenever you look at it. We service current lighting fixtures, assist with accent lighting design, and install new accent lighting.

  • Cabinet Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Transform any room by having cabinet lighting installed under or inside cabinets Cabinet lighting brightens kitchens, garages, and workshops, adding workspace and ambience. You can count on Mr.Electric® for expert lighting design, wiring, and cabinet light fixture installations.

  • Deck Lighting Installation and Service

    Upgrade your home’s outdoor living space by installing deck lighting. Your next barbecue, pool party, or relaxing Sunday evening won’t have to end because the sun goes down. Enjoy strategically placed exterior lights. Mr. Electric® specializes in outdoor lighting design and installation services.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Replacement and Retrofit

    Upgrading an electrical panel helps to ensure that your electrical system meets your energy needs. If you work in an aging building, Mr. Electric® can inspect your building’s electrical wiring and distribution system to determine exactly what your electrical service panel needs are.

  • LED Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Living in a home that’s too dark? If this sounds like you, then LED lighting installation is a great solution. Installing LED lights to replace your old lights can improve the overall appearance of your home. Best of all, LED lighting replacement services can help you save money on your power bill!

  • Light Dimmer Switch Installation and Service

    Swapping out old light switches for dimmers is a fast and economical way to make your lighting more versatile. You can create the right ambiance for romantic dinners, working from home, chill weekends, and more. Light dimmer installation and repair services from Mr. Electric® make it simple.

  • Light Fixture Installation and Repair

    If you’ve just purchased brand-new light fixtures for your home, installing them yourself might not be the best option. We offer lighting fixture installation services that are sure to turn your home into the well-lit house of your dreams.

  • Light Sensor Installation and Service

    Light sensors are a practical and helpful addition to any home. With light sensor installations, interior and exterior lights will turn on automatically when the light level dips below a certain range, and turn off when the light brightens, for a safer, more convenient home environment.

  • Light Timer Installation and Service

    Well-designed indoor and outdoor lighting can add value and security to your home. Maximize the impact of your lighting with a timer switch. Having this device installed is an effortless way to automate illumination and enhance your home’s safety and security.

  • Lighting Installation

    Whether you have an old home with dated light fixtures or a dark home with not enough lighting, installing new lighting fixtures can bring both utility and value to any room. The professionals at Mr. Electric® have the experience required to help you install lighting or replace your old fixtures.

  • Motion Sensor Installation and Service

    Motion sensor security lights detect and respond to signals such as movement, light, and temperature. Once they detect the correct input, they illuminate. This allows you to walk around your home safely at night, or make you aware of a potential intruder.

  • Patio Lighting Installation and Service

    New patio lights enhance your outdoor space in the evening. They add a measure of security and boost your home’s value and curb appeal. Choose a professional patio lighting installation from your local Mr. Electric® and be confident that you’ve hired the best in the business.

  • Recessed Lighting Installation and Service

    Does your home have lighting that isn’t up to your standards, but you don’t want to impact the visuals of the space with a light fixture? Recessed lighting may be exactly what you’re looking to add.

  • Specialty Lighting Installation

    What is specialty lighting? It’s any kind of light that’s chosen to make a space stand out or to make an area more visually appealing. Specialty lighting includes many indoor and outdoor light fixtures, decorative neon lights and signs, and much more.

  • Track Lighting Services Installation and Replacement

    With multiple light heads on a single fixture, track lighting is an easy way to add several lights to one area. Track lighting is versatile, allowing the homeowner to slide lights along the track and change their angles as needed.

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