Professional Circuit Install & Updates in Charlotte, NC

Helping You Keep Up with Your Electricity Demands

Older electrical systems can struggle with today’s modern technology. Let Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro stay updated with your electric needs with circuit install and updates in Charlotte, NC. When we upgrade your electrical system, it can safely support your electrical needs. Our service professionals quickly and efficiently install new electrical circuit panel upgrades to ensure your home can handle any amount of electricity. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial electrical circuit install and updates.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Why Is It Important to Upgrade Your Circuits?

Many people take electricity for granted until it doesn’t work correctly. If your electrical panel struggles to meet the electricity demand, your home or office is at risk of a fire. Protecting your property and the people in it from electrical hazards is priceless. Many homeowners and business owners choose to upgrade their circuits for the following reasons:

  • Overloaded Outlets – Your circuit breakers will frequently trip when they cannot handle the amount of electricity flowing through them.
  • Ceiling Fans – Many people choose to upgrade their electrical panel when they want to make it as easy as possible to control the ceiling fan with a switch.
  • Specialty Lighting – Specialty lighting needs upgraded circuits that can support its need for power.
  • Outdoor Electricity – Adding outdoor electricity, like holiday lighting or a swimming pool, increases the need for more power.
  • Security Systems – It’s important for your security system to have circuits that can support it.
  • Appliances – Many modern appliances need additional outlets or power to handle the amount of electricity.
  • Home Office Equipment – Many home offices must be filled with office equipment that requires a high level of electricity.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – If you’re installing an electric vehicle charging station or another home efficiency upgrade, your electrical panel needs to keep up with its power needs.
  • Garage or Workshop – Adding additional outlets and upgrading your electrical system is essential if you spend a large amount of your time in the workshop or garage.

Signs You Need Circuit Upgrades

When your devices cannot adequately work with your electrical panel, it’s time for an upgrade. The most common signs it’s time for circuit install and updates include the following:

  • Power Draw Issues – Power draw issues occur when you plug too many working appliances in at one time. You’ll notice light starts to flicker as they struggle to keep up with the need for power.
  • Circuit Overload – Circuit breakers that constantly trip indicate you have a short circuit or overloaded circuits.
  • Warm Outlets – Your outlets will be hot to the touch when they have too much electricity coursing through them.  

Expert Energy Efficiency Inspections

Our service professionals perform detailed inspections to ensure your energy efficiency is at its best. Our team will review all connections in your home or office to determine if you have any fire risks. Our service professionals are trained to know the amount of energy that your system should consume. It’s important to contact Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro to schedule a circuit system inspection to locate any potential problem areas. We help lower the risk of an electrical fire and boost the energy efficiency of your home or office.

The Inflation Reduction Act’s Effect on Electrical Updates

The Inflation Reduction Act offers incentives for homeowners getting electrical updates. If you qualify, you can receive rebates for electrical projects. The Inflation Reduction Act has up to $9 for energy rebates, including a $4,000 rebate for homeowners that get upgraded electrical panels. If you get upgraded electrical wiring, you have access of up to a $2,500 rebate. Our service professionals will help you understand these rebates and determine if you qualify.

Trust Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro

Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro offers comprehensive electrical services to Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. We ensure your electrical panels are upgraded to handle the amount of electricity in your home or office. Our service professionals offer upfront pricing without ever charging overtime fees. We provide electrical home inspection services to professionally inspect your electrical system to find any problems. We will recommend upgrades if needed at your property.

Contact Us for Electrical Circuit Install & Updates

Mr. Electric of Charlotte Metro keeps your home or business as safe as possible. We do not advise trying to repair your electrical problems. It’s important to leave any electrical issues to our professionals. Our team is always honest and professional. We back our work with a guarantee that the job will get done right the first time. Our service professionals will thoroughly explain any necessary electrical upgrades and offer an estimate for our costs to install new electrical circuits. Contact us today to get an estimate on our circuit install and updates.