Professional GFCI Outlet Installation in Tulsa, OK

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Keeping Your Family Safe by Installing GFCI Outlets

Ground fault interrupters (GFCI) are designed to protect you from electrical shocks. Mr. Electric of Tulsa offers professional GFCI outlet installation for homeowners in Tulsa, OK. This popular upgrade is an affordable and easy way to keep your loved ones protected from the threat of electric shocks and ensure your home is up to code. Our experienced electricians will keep you safe by installing GFCI outlets. Learn more about this important service, and get in touch with us today to request a quote.

Understanding How GFCI Outlets Work

If you aren’t sure whether your house needs GFCI outlets, we want to help you understand what they are and how they work. GFCI outlets are required in certain areas of your home that are prone to a lot of moisture, including bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. The best way to identify a GFCI outlet is that these outlets have “test” and “reset” buttons on their receptacles. A GFCI outlet will cut off power to the outlet if it detects an imbalance in electricity flow. Our licensed and insured electricians can determine your GFCI outlet needs. You can count on us for installing new GFCI outlets in Tulsa, Broken Bow, and Bixby, OK.

How to Test & Operate a GFCI Outlet

We recommend leaving GFCI outlet installation to our professional electricians because doing it yourself can be dangerous and may result in inefficient operation. While you’ll want to leave the installation to the pros at Mr. Electric of Tulsa, you’ll want to learn how to test and operate your GFCI outlets. When your GFCI outlet cuts off the power flow, you’ll need to press the “reset” button so power will be restored to the outlet. A GFCI is more sensitive than an electrical panel circuit breaker for increased reliability. Be sure to test all your GFCI outlets every month to ensure they are functioning correctly. Follow these steps to test out your GFCI outlets:

  1. Push the “test” button. Doing this will stop all electrical flow to your outlet.
  2. Plug a small device that uses a minimal amount of electricity into the outlet. A night light is a suitable device you can use to ensure no power is flowing into the receptacle.
  3. Push the “reset” button to resume power flow to the outlet.

About GFCI Outlet Requirements

Our electricians often receive questions such as “where do GFCI outlets need to be installed?”. These outlets are required in specific areas of your home. Find out which areas of your home require GFCI outlets and when they became required to help you learn if your home already has these outlets based on the year it was built:

  • Spas & Pool Areas (1971)
  • Home Exteriors (1973)
  • Bathrooms (1975)
  • Kitchen Countertops (1987)
  • Garages (1987)
  • Crawlspaces & Unfinished Basements (1990)
  • Wet Bars (1993)
  • Laundry & Utility Sinks (2005)

Understanding GFCI Outlet Limitations

Now that you know more about GFCI outlets, you’ll also want to understand their limitations. Never use a GFCI outlet with a freezer or refrigerator because these appliances trip outlets by generating electromagnetic interference. Most dryers and stoves should also not be hooked up to GFCI outlets because they require 240-amp power outlets. Appliances with heating elements can trip GFCI outlets, so they should not be paired with irons, toasters, or hair dryers. Do not plug extension cords with a lot of devices into GFCI outlets because they will likely trip. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have, including about the cost to install GFCI outlets.

Schedule GFCI Outlet Installation Today

If you live in an older home, you may be at an increased risk of being shocked. Mr. Electric of Tulsa installs GFCI outlets for homeowners who need to upgrade their power receptacles. These inexpensive devices are potentially life-saving, making them well worth the investment. Contact us today to schedule service or request an estimate.