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Circuit Installation and Upgrades

Circuit Installation and Upgrades in Arlington, TX

Many homes and businesses have outdated electrical systems that struggle to keep up with the energy demands of modern appliances and devices. Sometimes, it’s not how much power a single appliance draws, because many appliances today are more energy efficient. The issue is that there are so many more devices that are demanding power. Think about today’s modern office. In a small office area, a single employee could be using power strips to get more power for not only the typical office equipment, such as computer monitors, laptops, desktops, printers, phones and lights. Employees also are charging cell phones and mobile devices, powering coffee makers, mini-refrigerators and space heaters, and switching lamps, clocks and sound speakers. And we’re not even talking about a commercial office – we’re talking about a home office!

Now imagine dozens or even hundreds of employees in commercial office spaces with all of these power needs. Not to mention dedicated computer server rooms, break rooms, conference rooms, restrooms, hallways, security lighting and systems, and outdoor lighting. Not only can your energy costs get out of control if your building has old wiring circuits, your facility could be at risk for a fire or frequent power outages from electrical panel breaker switches protecting overloaded circuits. Any interruption of production is costing your company money.

Electrical Circuit Overloads

Simply put, an electrical circuit overloads when too much power is demanded on a wire. The wire may not be large enough for the power requirement, or it may not be high enough quality for efficient power transfer. Older wiring can get corroded by rust and age degradation. Wires could be loosened from connections, or the connections themselves could be damaged.

When too many amps of electricity are moving through a wire, the circuit breaker switch in the electrical panel should trip to turn off the power to that wire. Then someone has to re-set the circuit breaker switch, and the wire is live again. The circuit breaker prevents smoke, fires and other damage. But if a circuit’s wiring overloads too often, and you find yourself re-setting the breaker switch over and over, the wiring could get damaged from the overloads. Then there is a fire risk from failing wire. A fire could happen before the circuit breaker can shut off power.

Stop overloads by re-wiring the circuits, upgrading the connections, and replacing low-capacity outlets. The general electricians at Mr. Electric are ready to upgrade the circuits in your home or business to keep your people safe and your employees working at peak efficiency. Our licensed technicians know the local code requirements and will design your new system to meet or exceed those regulations. As an electrical contractor, Mr. Electric can work with both residential and commercial facilities.

Preventing overloads and fire hazards is the most important reason to upgrade your circuits and wiring. But there are at least 10 other reasons you should consider calling the general electricians at Mr. Electric to upgrade the electrical system in your home or business.

10 Reasons to Make Electrical Circuit Upgrades

  1. Security Systems: A new security system may need dedicated wiring circuits and a direct line to the electrical panel, especially if it includes cameras
  2. Specialty Lighting: When you want to add lighting but don’t have a light box junction, you will need to add a circuit and switches. Task lighting in an office, recessed lighting in a living room, track lighting in a kitchen, accent lighting in hallways, mood lighting in bedrooms and other lighting upgrades will probably require new wiring.
  3. Appliances: If you want to install GFI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms, or you need additional outlets for more appliances, new efficient wiring will be required. You also may have new appliances that require more power, such as hot tubs, HVAC systems, kitchen ovens, or refrigerators.
  4. Outdoor Power Systems: New pools, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, sprinkler systems, landscape lights and holiday lights require upgraded electrical wiring and circuits that are weather resistant.
  5. Emergency Generators: Whole-home or business generators should have dedicated circuits installed by a qualified local electrician directly into the main power electrical panel in order to function properly.
  6. Home Entertainment Rooms and Commercial Conference Rooms: Today home theaters and business meeting rooms are similar. You may need additional power for a projector, wide-screen television, stereo system, lighting and a computer station. You may want to install a new television cable outlet in a room, which will require power outlets. These outlets can be put on dedicated surge-protectors to keep the components safe in case of lightning strikes.
  7. New Outlets: If you are using more than one power strip or extension cord in a room, that room probably needs a new outlet installed with its own circuit.
  8. Office Equipment: You can have a general electrician add USB outlets to your home office or other rooms to improve device charging. You also may want surge-protected circuits for your computer equipment and printer/copy stations.
  9. Garages and Workshops: Power tools can require more electricity than standard home circuits can provide. A dedicated high power circuit can be installed with multiple power strips and outlets to properly handle high-demand tools and lights.
  10. Lighting Control Stations: With a whole-home or a business facility lighting control system, you can change the lights in any room from a central location. That control station can also be controlled by a mobile app. But the control panel may not work properly if the electrical panel cannot handle the changes in the wiring system. A general electrician from Mr. Electric can ensure your whole-home system will work correctly.

Mr. Electric® is ready to serve you with circuit installation and upgrades for your home or business to make it safer and more energy efficient. As a local electrician, we serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Arlington area, including Dalworthington Gardens, Kennedale, Mansfield and Pantego. Get the capacity to support all of your electrical needs. Contact Mr. Electric for an appointment today!