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Child-Proof Outlet Installation in Tulsa, OK

Installation of Child-Proof Outlets Elevating Electrical Safety Measures

The importance of electrical safety cannot be overstated. This is especially true for homes with children. That’s why Mr. Electric of Tulsa is here to help you elevate your electrical safety measures with child-proof electrical outlets. We install child-proof outlets for homes in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Midtown, OK and the surrounding areas.

Child-Proof Outlet Installation in Tulsa, OK

Installation of Child-Proof Outlets Elevating Electrical Safety Measures

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  • Standard electrical outlets may be intriguing to young children, elevating the risk of tampering, which can lead to safety hazards. To combat this severe risk, let’s explore the features of a child-proof wall outlet. These additions work like traditional outlets with the added security of a protective covering, making them tamper-resistant without compromising on power.

  • Even with the protective cover, child-proof outlets offer the same sleek look as standard outlets. From a distance, they are virtually undetectable. However, up close, you can see that a child-proof wall outlet features an additional layer of safety with the spring-loaded cover used to shield the outlet from the hands of curious children.

  • Child-proof outlets have a spring-loaded, child-proof outlet cover to mitigate tampering. When plugging a device, the equal pressure achieved by both sides of the plug pushes the cover backwards. Without equal pressure on both sides, the cover does not budget, eliminating the risk of children being able to stick items into the sockets.

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Detecting Malfunctioning Child-Proof Outlets

If your child-proof outlet covers seem to be closed or your plugs slip out of the outlet, it’s likely due to a malfunctioning spring-loaded cover. To correct defective child-proof outlets, look to Mr. Electric of Tulsa. We’re here to inspect, diagnose, and remedy your child-proof outlet to preserve the safety of your home.

Child-Proof Electrical Outlet Options

Invest in protecting your family and home with Mr. Electric of Tulsa. With unmatched expertise, we can take on a diverse range of child-proof outlet installations tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. We do everything from child-proof GFCI outlet installation to tamper-resistant AFCI and two-duplex outlets and beyond.

Child-Proof Electrical Outlets FAQ

If you’re new to child-proof electrical outlets, Mr. Electric of Tulsa will guide you. We strive to empower our community with the knowledge and resources to make safe and informed decisions for their home’s electrical improvements. As such, we have compiled common questions regarding child-proof outlets to get you started.

What Does Tamper-Resistant Mean?

Child-proof outlets are often referred to as tamper-resistant. This means the outlet has a spring-loaded child-proof outlet cover for enhanced security and protection. This cover only enables items to enter the outlet when both sides of the plug are applied with equal pressure, eliminating the risk of foreign objects entering the outlet.

Do GFCI Outlets Need to Be Tamper-Resistant?

Following NEC guidelines, 15-amp and 20-amp outlets must be tamper-resistant. This remains true even for outlets with existing ground fault circuit interrupter features. GFCI outlets combat ground faults in the circuit, whereas tamper-resistant outlets protect against the insertion of foreign items.

Are Child-Proof Outlets Also Baby-Proof?

Child-proof electrical outlets protect children of all ages, including babies. The spring-loaded cover can only be pushed when plugs are applied with equal pressure. This makes it nearly impossible for a child or baby to tamper with the outlet. However, despite the added safety features, babies and young children should never be unsupervised around outlets.

  • Mr. Electric of Tulsa takes pride in accommodating any outlet installation demand you may have. From child-proof electrical outlets to home upgrades with 30-amp, 50-amp, or 240-volt outlet installations, our service professionals are equipped to get the job done right. Count on us for the highest standards of quality service and safety.

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