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Expert Electrical Code Update and Correction Services in Tulsa, OK

Electrical Repairs to Boost Your Safety

When you need electrical wiring updates, reach out to us. Mr. Electric of Tulsa offers professional electrical code updates and corrections for homes and businesses in Tulsa, OK. Our company upgrades your wiring following the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. Outdated and faulty wiring is the culprit of thousands of fires every year. Our team wants to help lower your risk of fire. Contact our company today to get an estimate on electrical code update services.

Expert Electrical Code Update and Correction Services in Tulsa, OK

Electrical Repairs to Boost Your Safety

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  • The National Electrical Code (NEC) helps your electrical system stay updated with modern technological changes. Since 1987, these codes have been updated every three years. They set the stands for the safe design, installation, and inspection of your wiring. We do extensive research to ensure homes and offices are updated correctly. It’s critical to stay informed on electrical code updates for your property.

  • Our team will come to your property to perform an electrical code inspection. We determine if you have any electrical safety hazards, including outdated outlets or wiring. Our thorough electrical code update inspection includes the following:

    • Determining if your property has any electrical wiring problems.
    • Checking for property GFCI outlet installation.
    • Inspecting potential new homes for proper safety features.
    • Helping prevent delays during the sale of your home by updating your electrical codes.
    • Helping to protect against liability issues, loss of life, or electrical injuries.
    • Our team can help prevent delays when selling your home by updating electrical codes.
  • Older wiring is the cause of many fires. A fire can start when breaker boxes cannot handle your energy demands or when wires start to fray. The heat transfer to objects near your wiring can cause them to ignite. Arcing can happen when the electrical current doesn't move through a circuit but jumps across the connections. Faulty outlets and ungrounded plugs can cause significant issues. When we perform home inspection services, our team checks for all of these problems to lower the risk of fire or electrocution on your property.

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Important NEC Electrical Code Updates

We are committed to the safety of your home or office. Our team closely follows the latest NEC updates to keep you safe from possible electrical issues. Some of the most important changes in the last few years of the NEC electrical code include: 

  1. GFCI protection for appliances now includes counter-mounted cooking units, dryers, microwave ovens, and wall-mounted ovens.
  2. GFCI protection includes any cord- and plug-connected appliance in the kitchen.
  3. Kitchen island countertop receptacles cannot be under the edge of the countertop but must be installed as a pop-up in the countertop surface.
  4. Surge protection is required in all multifamily dwelling units, guest rooms in hotels, dormitory units, and any patient sleeping rooms in medical facilities. 
  5. Any exposed cables on the walls or ceiling are required to be covered.
  6. De-energizing panel board’s service disconnect rules are updated to boost electrical worker safety.
  7. Exterior emergency power disconnect switches must be installed in new one- and two-family homes.
  8. Solar-generated energy storage requirements now accommodate home energy storage technology changes.
  9. Load calculation tables are updated to stay updated with energy-efficient updates, including LED lighting use. 
  10. GFCI outlets must be installed in finished and unfinished basements.
  • Mr. Electric of Tulsa is always here to help you understand critical NEC updates. We are devoted to lowering the risk of electrical hazards on your property. We understand most people don’t know much about their electrical system. Our friendly service professionals can help you understand your electricity needs. We always offer estimates on our services. Our work is backed by a guarantee that the job will get done correctly.

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