Professional Circuit Breaker Replacement Services in Tulsa, OK

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Our Local Electricians Replace & Upgrade Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are an essential element of your electrical system, and you need a team of experienced electricians when it’s time to replace circuit breakers. Mr. Electric of Tulsa offers professional circuit breaker replacement services for homes and businesses in Tulsa, OK. As electrical systems age, they have trouble facing new demands from all of today’s electronic devices. Our licensed and insured electricians replace and upgrade residential and commercial circuit breakers. Allow us to inspect your circuits and solve any problems you’ve been having, such as circuit breakers tripping too frequently. Learn more about our circuit breaker replacement services, and get in touch with us today to request a quote.

Avoiding Electrical Circuit Overloads

Knowing more about why electrical circuit overloads happen can help you prevent them or be prepared. An electrical overload can occur if more electricity is transferred across an electrical wire than that circuit can handle. Imagine a scenario where you don’t have enough outlets and have to plug your hair dryer into the same outlet that you have a computer plugged into. That circuit might not have enough amperage for you to operate both devices, leading to the circuit breaker getting tripped and power being cut to both devices. To avoid tripping your circuit, you’ll want to upgrade your electrical outlets and wiring, so they have enough capacity to meet all your electrical demands. Our licensed electricians replace circuit breakers in Tulsa, Broken Bow, and Bixby, OK.

Does My Home Need New Circuits?

Knowing if your home needs new circuits is crucial to protect your family and electrical devices. There are many reasons to replace your circuit breakers, including the following:

  • Overloaded outlets – Using too many extension cords or power strips or frequently experiencing tripped circuit breakers are signs that it’s time to upgrade to be sure you can support all your devices.
  • Security systems – Keeping your home or business safe requires your circuit breaker to be connected to your electrical system.
  • Appliances – Replacing your circuits can help ensure you have enough outlets for all your appliances. This is necessary if you are adding a freezer, second refrigerator, or any other major appliance.
  • Specialty lighting – Adding new lighting to your home or business can make a big difference, but you’ll need to make sure your electrical system can keep up. We can ensure your new lights are connected to your circuits.
  • Home entertainment centers – Plugging all those devices from your entertainment center in at the same time can cause problems if your home has outdated circuits.
  • Ceiling fans – Easily turn your ceiling fan off or on while leaving the light fixture on when you have the right circuitry.
  • Additional outdoor electricity – If you plan on adding landscape lighting, a swimming pool, or a new sprinkler system, we can ensure you have the electricity necessary to power everything.
  • Cable or satellite television – Add cable or satellite TV to any bedroom in your home by upgrading your circuits.
  • Emergency generator installation – We can help you always have power, even during a blackout. An emergency generator needs a dedicated sub-panel, and our team can get you all set up.
  • Home efficiency upgrades – We can help you save money on energy costs while doing your part for the environment. Home efficiency upgrades include installing solar water heaters, solar panels, and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Home office equipment – Now that working from home is so widespread, you’ll want to ensure you have all the power outlets you need to get your job done efficiently.
  • Garages or workshops – Make sure your space has all the functionality you need. Our team can install additional outlets based on your interests and preferences.

How Much Do New Circuit Breakers Cost?

Your circuit breaker replacement cost will depend on the number of breakers you require and the complexity of the job, but the average cost is between $100 and $400. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate so you can get a better idea of your costs. Some tasks, such as needing to replace main circuit breakers, may cost more than simpler jobs.

Schedule Professional Circuit Breaker Installation

At Mr. Electric of Tulsa, safety is our top priority. We don’t recommend making circuit breaker replacement a DIY job because working with electricity can be extremely dangerous. Our licensed and insured electricians have all the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to perform safe and effective electrical services. Contact us today to request a quote.