Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting Solutions for Your Home

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Upgrading Your Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting in Tulsa, OK

Your bathroom and kitchen are areas of your home where you spend a lot of time, so improving them through updated lighting can go a long way. Mr. Electric of Tulsa offers professional bathroom and kitchen lighting solutions for homeowners in Tulsa, OK. Our bathroom and kitchen lighting services can set the tone for your space while helping you enjoy your time more and making your home more inviting for guests. Making your kitchen and bathroom lighting more functional and aesthetically pleasing is also an excellent way to boost the resale value of your home. Our team offers custom bathroom and kitchen lighting installations and is here to assist with your ideas and designs. We are here to help you make your dream bathroom or kitchen a reality. Learn more about adding sophistication and warmth to your home, and get in touch with us to request an estimate.

Transform Your Space With New Bathroom & Kitchen Lights

No matter what you have in mind for your kitchen or bathroom lighting, our team can make it a reality. We offer comprehensive lighting installation services for homeowners in Tulsa, Broken Bow, and Bixby, OK. Mr. Electric of Tulsa is your one-stop shop for lighting ideas, designs, and quick and effective installation services. We never compromise on quality, and you can count on our expertise, experience, and equipment that allow us to offer the best lighting services in the area. We are happy to provide quotes for your bathroom and kitchen lighting service costs.

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions for Residential Bathrooms

Many Oklahomans spend time in their bathrooms getting ready at the beginning of their day or relaxing at the end of it. Our professionals can help transform your restroom to refresh your space’s functionality and style. We use energy-efficient and attractive lighting solutions to help you reclaim your bathroom. Our team can brighten small spaces using dimmer switches, install recessed lighting, and create unique solutions that match your mood. Learn about some of your many options when it comes to bathroom lighting:

  • Ceiling fixtures – Make your restroom appear larger by adding the right ceiling fixture. We can tie your restroom together, adding a personal touch and providing extra lighting.
  • Mirror and vanity lighting – The appropriate mirror lighting can reduce shadows and help you prepare for your day, as well as make your bathroom appear larger.
  • Cabinet lighting – We install lighting under bathroom cabinets to help you see items on countertops. Our team can also install cabinet lighting to highlight your countertop and cabinet colors while illuminating your walkway.
  • Bathtubs – New bathtub lighting will allow you to light up a specific area of your restroom. We also install dimmer switches so you can create a relaxing mood and enjoy a warm bath.
  • Showers – Relax in the shower while you save energy. You don’t need to turn on all the bathroom lights just to take a shower when you have the right lighting setup.
  • Toilets – Allow us to add a floodlight or focused halon light over your toilet. This is especially useful if you have a wall or door separating your toilet from the rest of your bathroom.
  • Canned lighting – Ideal for low ceilings or anyone who wants overhead lighting in their bathroom, canned lights are installed in strategic areas to provide a more open feeling or an intimate ambiance.
  • Indirect lighting – Hidden lights offer a soft and soothing touch. Our experts install indirect lighting in coves and nooks to allow you to light up your space with artistic elegance.
  • Accent lighting – Highlight the architecture or artwork in your home through accent lighting.

Get Your Dream Kitchen by Upgrading Your Lighting

Most kitchens are considered the heart of the home, where loved ones gather to eat, cook, celebrate, share, and more. You likely spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen, so ensuring you have the right lighting setup makes a lot of sense. Mr. Electric of Tulsa will boost your home’s resale value while helping you enjoy your time in the kitchen with a lighting upgrade. Our experienced electricians have the perfect recipe to add to your kitchen’s beauty and functionality. Learn more about some of the ways we can enhance your kitchen’s lighting:

  • Cabinet lighting – The right cabinet lighting can accent your kitchen’s architecture. We install cabinet lighting above cabinets so you can showcase display items or make your space appear larger. Under-cabinet lighting can also be installed to light up countertops to help you prepare food.
  • Sink lighting – Most homes have kitchens that connect to other living areas, so turning your kitchen lights on can disturb those who are watching TV or visiting in the living room. Sink lights provide enough light for tasks you need to do at the sink without requiring you to turn on lights for the entire kitchen.
  • Island lighting – Illuminate your kitchen lighting so your family can cook, talk, eat, or gather together. Our team offers discreet and decorative kitchen lighting options.
  • Accent lighting – Showcase artwork or other displays with accent lighting for your kitchen.
  • Canned lighting – If you’re tired of fluorescent lights that create glare and hum, canned lighting is a more subtle and inviting alternative.
  • Kitchen nook lighting – The right lighting can make your kitchen table the centerpiece of your kitchen. Our experts can pair kitchen nook lighting with a  dimmer switch so you can customize your ambiance.
  • Pendant lighting – We can make your kitchen feel intimate and homey and make a statement when we install new pendant lighting.
  • Wall sconces and ceiling fixtures – Create the ideal environment while giving your kitchen more personality with ceiling fixtures or wall sconces.

Schedule Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting Services Today

Mr. Electric of Tulsa offers complete kitchen and bathroom lighting solutions, including LED kitchen and bathroom lights and more. We are happy to answer any of your questions or visit your home for a consultation. Contact us today to schedule service or request an estimate.