Count on Mr. Electric for Home Electrical Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

You finally have time to catch up on your favorite show, but something keeps tripping the circuit breaker. Somehow, your system is overloaded, but you’re not sure what’s causing the issue. While there may be a few forms of troubleshooting worth attempting yourself, leave the more complex electrical issues to the professionals.

Make Mr. Electric your go-to source for electrical repairs in Phoenix, AZ. Once we understand your concerns, we take the time to conduct an accurate diagnosis before rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. You always receive upfront, flat-rate pricing on your repair service. Plus, we keep you updated throughout the process with the goal of getting your home to the most optimal working order. Contact us today to request a quote!

Mr. Electric professional installing a new ceiling fan.

Let Us Handle Your Home Electric Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Electricity is meant to make our lives simple, but what goes into it is profoundly complex. Working with electricity should never be a casual DIY activity. Protect yourself, your family, and your property by calling on Mr. Electric. Your dedicated service professionals repairs a number of irritating issues with the utmost efficiency so your home or property functions as it should.

Place your confidence in us to:

Upgrade Switches and Electrical Outlets

Older homes can feature outdated lights and switches. These compose a small part of your home, but their functionality makes a significant difference. In some cases, you can get by for a little while; however, it’s not long before the outdated nature becomes a nuisance. Furthermore, outlets that lack the proper GFCI protection pose a safety risk. Allow Mr. Electric to assess your current switches and outlets and assist you with making the upgrade.

Install Lighting and Fans

A ceiling fan that fails to circulate or a light that doesn’t turn on could have a variety of causes. Perhaps it is the ceiling fan itself, or maybe there is a wiring issue. Either way, your Mr. Electric professional will find the underlying cause. Even if you simply want to make a change for aesthetic purposes, it’s still worth calling in the professionals. Switching out a ceiling fan or installing a new light fixture becomes a prolonged headache without the necessary expertise. Entrust your lighting and ceiling fan upgrades to Mr. Electric so you can save time and reduce stress.

Service or Replace Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel is your small metal door that lives in most garages or other out-of-the-way places in a home. Most days, it gets ignored. When everything works properly, that’s the way it should be. Your electrical panel houses all of the breaker switches to your home and controls the power to your home. It needs to function so that you can shut off electricity to different rooms or turn off your electricity entirely in an emergency. When your lights are flickering or your outlets aren’t working, you have to go to the source. Mr. Electric manages your electrical panel repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

We Have the Power to Make Things Better.®

You deserve for your home to offer comfort and convenience, which means reliable electricity for every facet of your life. This is attainable with Mr. Electric on your side. In most cases, we perform same-day repairs. Contact us so we can provide an in-home quote before tackling your issues head-on!