Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Consumers who purchase an electric vehicle (EV) must first consider the best method of charging it. At the same time, business owners who envision capitalizing on the EV phenomenon may be wondering what installing charging stations for their customers could involve.

ev charging station in PhoenixAlthough some hybrid models charge on conventional wall sockets, even this simple solution requires a dedicated circuit. Some models, such as the Nissan Leaf, can technically charge on a 120 volt wall socket, but this approach could take up to 20 hours.

For EVs like the Leaf, a 240 volt, in-home, Type II charging station is a much better alternative. Business who provide public charging stations use either the Type II charging station or a very quick, 500 volt DC Fast Charge station.

Public Chargers

Public charging stations are popping up at savvy businesses, like malls, restaurants, hotels and resorts across the country. Charging stations can be found throughout the Phoenix metro area. Arizona Wine and Spirits in Scottsdale for example recently installed Type II chargers for their patrons. And there are at least 7 new EV charging locations in the downtown Phoenix area.

Make yourself known as a "green-friendly" business and protector of the environment, and you will reap dedicated consumers as well as positive public relations. Public charging stations can be Type II stations; however, installing DC Fast Charge stations is a good, customer-focused choice.

Private Chargers

When you are charging from home, you can use either the 120 volt wall socket or the Type II charging station, depending on your vehicle. However, both options will require a dedicated circuit.

Additionally, since charging a car could use more electricity than your home’s current electrical capacity, installing a EV charging station may mean communicating with utility companies and even municipalities. An experienced electrician is invaluable for both the installation and the communication.

Wall-Mount Chargers

Wall-mounted charging stations come in both indoor and weather-resistant, outdoor models. Like overhead charging stations, wall-mounted chargers are usually Level II chargers. Wall-mounted chargers can also be used either at home in in public charging stations.

Overhead Chargers

A logical place to install your home or business EV charging station is in the garage over the parking space. Overhead installation removes the cable from floor hazards, such as water, grime, or oil. Locating the charger overhead also maintains existing garage space, prevents tripping and simplifies parking by eliminating floor-level cables. Overhead chargers are retractable and sometimes even operate by remote control. If your parking space has a garage, installing overhead chargers may make sense.

Mr. Electric of Phoenix has the experience to help you plan for and install your EV charger(s), whether you envision a bank of stations around your business or a simple, at-home personal charging station. Get started with the transition today and start reaping the cost savings in reduced energy consumption.

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