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Let Our Electricians Repair Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is one of your home’s most important safety features. It regulates all the electricity that flows into your home. As your electrical panel gets old or damaged, it may present problems. If you need help with electrical panel repairs, turn to a team of licensed electricians you can trust. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro offers electrical panel repairs in Phoenix Metro, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. Our team is here for you, whether you need help replacing a single breaker or completely relocating your electrical panel. Learn more about our electrical panel repair services.

Mr. Electric electrician explaining the electrical panel repair process to customer

Understanding Your Electrical Panel

It is helpful to understand what your electrical panel is and how it works. Your electrical panel will look like a relatively unassuming metal box fixed to the wall. You will find rows of breakers and a main breaker inside your electrical panel. Each of these circuit breakers controls the power to a section of your house. The breakers will usually be labeled with the corresponding area of the home. These breakers monitor the amount of electricity running through each circuit in your home. The wiring, outlets, and components in each circuit are designed to handle a certain amount of current (also called amperage). When the amperage exceeds the safe levels, these breakers will trip, instantly cutting off power to that circuit.

The Different Types of Electrical Panel Repairs

From the outside, your electrical panel may seem like a simple part of your electrical system. It is much more complex than it seems. There are many different types of electrical panel repair services that you may need us to perform. Our team uses precise diagnostic techniques to identify the source of an electrical problem. That way, we can offer you the most reliable and effective solutions. Below, you will find some of the most common electrical panel services we perform.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

When your electrical panel gets old or worn out, it can become inefficient and unsafe. You can trust Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro to help you through the electrical panel upgrade process. We will start with an electrical panel inspection. Once we have assessed the condition of your electrical panel, we can recommend specific repairs for the upgrade.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

One of the most popular ways to repair an electrical panel is to simply replace the breakers. The circuit breakers inside your electrical panel influence the electrical service throughout your entire home. Increasing the capacity of your breakers can allow your electrical system to provide you with more power without tripping the breakers.

Electrical Circuit Installation

Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro can help you install an entirely new electrical circuit in your home. This will increase your access to electricity for certain areas, such as workshops, security systems, and heavy-duty appliances. Increasing the electrical circuits in your home is a safe way to ensure every part of your home has the electricity it needs.

Electrical Panel Rewiring

In some cases, the wiring around your electrical panel needs to be replaced and updated. When the wiring around your electrical panel is damaged or outdated, our team can replace the wiring for you. We perform wiring according to the safety standards set by the National Electrical Code. So, you can rest assured that our work will last.

Electrical Panel Relocation

Is your electrical panel in the way? Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro can help you relocate your electrical panel to a more convenient spot in your home, garage, or basement. Moving an electrical panel requires care and expertise, but our team of licensed electricians can do it for you.

Is It Time to Replace Your Circuit Breakers?

Among all the parts of your electrical panel, the circuit breakers are the most important. Your circuit breakers monitor the electricity flowing through your home. When part of your electrical system begins to overheat, your circuit breakers are responsible for cutting power to that area of the home. There are many ways that a circuit breaker can go bad. Call Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro for help replacing a circuit breaker if you notice the following:

  • Your breakers trip too often
  • A circuit breaker won’t reset
  • A circuit breaker feels warm
  • Your electrical panel is producing smoke or a burning smell
  • You notice visibly frayed or melting wiring inside your electrical panel
  • You hear sizzling or popping sounds coming from your electrical panel

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The next time you need electrical panel repair services, call a team of licensed electricians who can get the job done right the first time. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro has performed countless electrical panel repairs in the Phoenix Metro area. We will meet with you, diagnose your electrical panel’s problem, and explain the costs of the repairs ahead of time. Contact us today to schedule your electrical panel repair appointment!