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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation Service in Phoenix Metro, AZ

Quality Whole-House Surge Protectors

Say goodbye to unexpected power outages and damage to your electrical devices with Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro. We provide whole-house surge protector installation that easily protects your home and enhances your power supply. We extend our service to customers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe, AZ.

Whole-House Surge Protector Installation Service in Phoenix Metro, AZ

Quality Whole-House Surge Protectors

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  • Power surges in households can result from various events both in the home and due to external factors. An electrical surge protector for your whole house is the best way to remain protected from all the possible reasons that could spark a power surge. Some of these reasons include:

  • Heavy-duty appliances and electronics, including dryers, air conditioning systems, and refrigerators, call for more power than small-scale devices. When your home is not equipped to fulfil these power demands, your electrical system may experience a power surge.

  • Modern devices require updated wiring. In older homes especially, electrical wiring may not be recent enough or may require repairs or alterations to power modern appliances and electronic devices safely and effectively. Without proper wiring, you’re more likely to experience a power surge.

  • Sometimes, power surges in your house are no fault of your electrical system but instead a result of the local power company. When power lines fall, or the city’s power grid becomes compromised, your home may be struck by a power surge.

  • Rainstorms, snow, hail, and wind can all be the culprits behind your power surge. When these inclement weather events occur, it’s vital to have an electric surge protector for your whole house in place to protect your devices from damage and keep your home powered.

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Understanding Whole-House Surge Protector Installation

Whole house surge protector installation allows the electrical current in your home to run from your wall outlets into your appliances and electronics. When a power surge is detected, the surge protector is triggered. The surge protector then pushes the electrical current to reroute into a metal oxide varistor located in a power strip.

How Does a Whole-House Surge Protector Work?

Whole house surge protectors are often confused with power strips. In contrast, these two electrical items are vastly different. A whole-house surge protector installation offers safety and protection for your electronics while supplying power. A power strip does not offer protection and only serves to plug in more items.

Choose Trusted Service Professionals

An electrical surge protector for household use is not a DIY project. These systems require extensive knowledge and experience. Without professional installation, you risk doing more harm than good to your appliances and devices, as faulty installation can adversely affect your power system.

Your Partner in Electrical Safety

Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro provides quality whole-house surge protector installation. As industry-leading service professionals, we have the skill and know-how to offer you a prompt and effective solution to preserve your electronics and uphold the safety of your home. Count on us for custom-tailored solutions complete with a complementary electrical safety inspection.

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