Professional Circuit Install & Updates in Phoenix Metro, AZ

Upgrade Your Electrical Circuit System

It may be time for an upgraded electrical circuit system if you have an older system or your existing system cannot keep up with your energy demands. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro provides circuit installation and updates in Phoenix Metro, AZ. We can help boost the safety of your home with an upgraded electrical system. Our service professionals can inspect your existing circuit system and determine if you need a new one. Contact our team today to learn more about our circuit system installation and update services.

Mr. Electric electrician explaining circuit installation to a customer

Signs It’s Time to Install New Circuits

The most common sign you need to upgrade your electrical circuits is when they cannot handle your power. If you’re renovating your home and need to increase electrical demands, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your circuits. Some of the most common signs you need to upgrade electrical circuits include the following: 

Overloaded Circuits

When your circuit breaker constantly trips, it indicates that it cannot handle the excessive electricity flow. 

Power Draw Issues 

You may notice lights flickering when you plug in a high-power draw device like a vacuum or refrigerator. 

Dimming Lights

When the lights dim, it’s a sign that your electrical panel isn’t keeping up with your energy demands.

Burning Odor

A burning smell is never a good sign as it can lead to a fire due to overheating.

Warm Outlets

Your outlets may feel warm to the touch because there is too much power flowing through them. 

The Importance of Circuit Upgrades

The most important reason to consider circuit upgrades is your home or office is at risk of fire when your electrical panel cannot meet the electricity demand. Some of the most common reasons customers choose professional circuit system updates include the following:

Specialty Lighting 

Specialty lighting typically has a higher need for power, so it’s important to update your circuits.

Security Systems

  Many circuit systems need significant power to run adequately. 


Most modern appliances have a high-power draw or need additional to handle the amount of electricity.

Home Office Equipment

   With more people working from home today, home offices use high-powered office equipment.

Home Efficiency Upgrades 

  Electrical vehicle charging stations and other home efficiency upgrades require a significant amount of power.

Garage or Workshop 

  If you spend a large amount of time working in your garage or workshop, you may need more outlets or more power. 

We Offer Energy Efficiency Inspections

We understand most people don’t think about the energy in their homes or offices until there is an issue. We will visit your home or office for a detailed energy efficiency inspection. We can review the connections to determine if there are any fire risks. Our trained service professionals know how much energy your current system needs to work correctly. We will explain your options and help you make an informed decision. Most importantly, your home or office is not at risk of fire from your current electrical system. 

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro?

Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro is here for all your electrical needs. We take time to ensure your electrical panels have the right amount of power to handle your electricity needs. We always offer estimates for our services and won’t charge overtime fees. We offer electrical home inspection services to inspect your current system. Our service professionals work with you and help you understand your electrical demands. We always put your safety first. When you need electrical services, you can trust our team of professionals.

Contact Us for Electrical Circuit Install & Updates

Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro provides comprehensive electrical services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. It’s never safe to try to repair your electrical issues. Trust our professionals to help you through the process. We are trained in the safest and best ways to approach electricity. We guarantee the job will get done correctly the first time. If you need any electrical upgrades on your current system, we will explain them before installing your upgrades. You can trust us to take care of your electrical services. Reach out to our team today to get an estimate for our circuit install and updates.