EV Chargers Installation & Service in Phoenix Metro, AZ

EV Home Charging Station Installation Services

The demand for electric vehicles has steadily increased, leading many people to search for the best way to charge them conveniently. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro provides home EV charger installation services in Phoenix Metro, AZ. We inspect your electrical system and help you choose the best type of EV charger to fit your needs. Our team offers electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation and services customized for your vehicle and home. An EV charging station is the easiest way to charge your vehicle conveniently. Reach out to us today to learn more about our EV charger services.

Mr. Electric electrician installing an EV charger.

What Is an EVSE Charger?

EVSE, or electric vehicle supply equipment, takes electricity from a larger power source to charge your vehicle. EV chargers provide the perfect amount of electricity to recharge your electric car. Our service professionals walk you through your EVSE charging options and help you understand how to use them.

Types of EV Chargers

 Electrical vehicle charging stations come in multiple sizes and shapes. It’s vital to choose the correct voltage for your specific charging station. Our team members consider your current setup and your driving habits to determine the best type of EV charger for your home. We install the following types of EV chargers:

Level 1 Charger 

A 120-volt charging station can be plugged into a standard three-prong outlet. It will fully charge your vehicle in about 20 hours. If you’re able to recharge your vehicle overnight, we 

Level 2 Charger

  A 240-volt charging station requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit. We can install this at your home, where your vehicle will recharge in three hours. Some EV manufacturers now include a Level 2 charger standard with their electric vehicles. 

Level 3 Charger

A Level 3 charger is a standalone charger commonly found in public charging stations. Level 3 chargers repower your vehicle in about 30 minutes. Since these chargers have an industrial-level power draw, they are typically only found in industrial buildings.

Common EV Charger Options and Features

Electric vehicle service equipment provides a reliable and convenient way to recharge your electric vehicles. We keep safety at the top of the list when installing your EV charging equipment. Some of the most common safety options and features of your PEV (plug-in electric vehicle) include the following:

  • Easily accessible plug
  • Auto restart in a power outage
  • Integrated cable storage
  • Safety outlets
  • Auto short circuit and ground fault shut-off
  • Breakaway safety cable
  • A ground fault monitor 
  • Power and charging indicator lights
  • Regulated electrical current
  • Safety lock-out feature 
  • Compliance with UL safety standards for EVSE

How to Choose a Location for Your EVSE

One of the most important parts of EV charging home installation is to find a location for your EVSE. It’s important to choose a location that can safely convert electricity into a usable form. You should choose a location that works well with your charging port and the length of the cable. A short 6-foot cable doesn’t have as many options as a 16 or 18-foot cable. We will come to your home to help determine the perfect location for your EVSE.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro?

Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro is here for all your electrical needs in the Phoenix Metro area. We love helping our customers enjoy their electric vehicles at the convenience of their homes. Our service professionals always offer upfront pricing without any hidden fees. We work with you to ensure you understand your EVSE equipment and know the best ways to charge your vehicle. We’ll walk you through the charging process and help you better understand how electricity powers your vehicle. When you need EVSE installation services, you can trust our local electrical team. 

Contact Us for EV Charger Installation Services

 Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro will come to your home to offer an estimate of our EV charge installation costs and help you choose the best location for it. Our service professionals are trained to professionally install EVSE equipment and safely work with electricity. Your safety is our priority. When we perform your electrical system upgrade for your new charging station, we will include a new 40-amp or a 240-volt circuit with 8-AWG wiring. We’ll help you understand the power needed for your charging station. Contact us today to get an estimate on our EV charger installation and services.