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Electrical Safety Inspections in Phoenix Metro, AZ

Lessen the Risk of Fire Hazards in Your Home

Hidden electrical problems can be a fire hazard. Let us put your mind at ease with electrical safety inspections. Mr. Electric of Austin provides electrical home safety inspection in Phoenix Metro, AZ. We understand most people don’t think about their electricity unless something goes wrong. Regular system inspections are essential to the safety of your home. We can detect potential electrical hazards, upgrade wiring, and even install new outlets. Our service professionals do whatever it takes to make your home safe. Reach out to us today to learn more about an electrical safety inspection.

Electrical Safety Inspections in Phoenix Metro, AZ

Lessen the Risk of Fire Hazards in Your Home

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  • A home inspection of your electrical system is an extensive examination of your complete electrical system. We inspect the systems, components, and wires to ensure they meet legal safety standards. We use the National Electrical Code (NEC) to inspect all electrical systems. If we find any problems, we provide you with upgrade possibilities, recommendations for improvements, and any emergency electrical needs.

  • Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro follow the NEC checklist to perform our comprehensive electrical safety inspections. Our electrical system inspection includes the following:

    • Verification of adequate light bulb wattage
    • Electrical service panel testing
    • Testing arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs)
    • Inspecting the condition of switches and wall outlets
    • Checking for correct surge protection
    • Verification of grounding systems
    • Determining any electrocution hazards
    • Inspecting outdoor electrical systems
    • Inspecting the electrical panel for correct operation, amps, and labels
    • Testing safety and security lighting
    • Testing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

  • The most significant benefit of electrical safety inspections is they can protect your home from an electric disaster, including a fire or electrocution. Some of the other many benefits of an electrical safety inspection include the following:

    • Determines if you have any outdated or damaged wiring
    • Helps identity past electrical inspection mistakes
    • Ensures all electrical components work well
    • Offers potential energy-saving costs
    • Determines if you need any electrical upgrades
    • Identifies oversized fuses or breakers
    • Meeting insurance risk assessment inspection requirements

  • An electrical safety inspection can be performed at any time. Our team is committed to the safety of your home. Our service professionals encourage people to schedule an electrical safety inspection immediately if you cannot remember ever having your home inspected. Some of the most common times to schedule an electrical safety inspection include the following: 

    • Before and after home renovation projects
    • When trying to reduce the cost of energy bills
    • Before buying a new home
    • Before installing a new appliance
    • When making energy-efficient changes in the home

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Common Problems Found in Electrical Safety Inspections

Our service professionals perform a thorough electrical inspection to find any potential issues in your home. Some of the most common problems found in our electrical safety inspections include the following:

Exposed Wires

If you have areas of exposed wires, they are at risk of fire.

Painted Outlets

Outlet plugs covered with paint can overheat.

Ungrounded Outlets

An ungrounded outlet is an electric shock risk.

Improperly Modified Panels

Incorrectly modified panels can cause hot spots, overheating, or flickering lights.

Outdated Wiring

If your home was built before 1950, you may outdate knob-and-tube wiring. Homes built in the 1960s and 1970s often have aluminum wiring.

Double-Tapping of Circuit Breakers

Placing two or more live wires into your circuit breaker is a fire hazard.

Lack of GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) must be in all areas of your home with moisture

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