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Your home’s electrical system is a complex network of outlets, switches, wiring, and fixtures. When part of your electrical system stops working the way it should, you need the help of a team of professional electricians. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro offers electrical services in Phoenix Metro, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. You can rely on our licensed electricians to diagnose any problem and offer you a range of potential solutions. Learn more about our electrical repair service.

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What Services Does Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro Offer?  

It’s helpful to have a team of electricians you can call with any problem. When you need an urgent electrical repair, you don’t want to have to call every electrician in the phone book. Our team can do it all. The Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro team offers a wide range of electrical repair services, from electrical safety inspections to ceiling fan installation. Some of our most popular electrical services include:

  • Lighting installation and repair
  • Electrical panel repairs
  • Ceiling fan installation and repair
  • Circuit breaker installation
  • EV charger installation
  • Generator installation
  • Electrical outlet installation
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • And much more!

Electrical Installation Projects

Often, upgrading the electrical features in your home requires the installation of a new fixture or component. When installing a new light fixture, ceiling fan, electrical outlet, or light switch, it’s best to have a team of licensed electricians. Improper installation can limit the lifespan of your electrical system and pose safety hazards. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro’s electrical installation service team is here to ensure that your next installation project is a success.

Lighting Installation and Repair

The right light fixtures can completely transform a home or business. If your light fixtures fail to cast your space in the best possible light, we have lighting solutions for you. Our electricians can help you install specialty lighting, like track lighting or accent lighting. We can even help you set up landscape and security lighting outside your home. Whether we are retrofitting your current light fixtures or installing brand-new fixtures, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Electrical Safety

Your electrical system offers your life-enhancing convenience. However, if your electrical system is not well-maintained, it can become a safety risk. It can be difficult for the average person to assess the condition of their own electrical system. The National Electrical Code is continually updated, which makes it tough for most people to understand the most current safety standards. Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro offers electrical safety inspections. We can inspect your entire home and help you ensure that your home is as safe as possible.

Home Generator Installation

It is easy to take your supply of electricity for granted. When the power suddenly goes out, it can be startling. Power outages can leave you and your family in the dark for an extended period of time. That’s why many homeowners are choosing to install standby generators. A standby generator will kick on the moment you lose power. While the rest of the neighborhood is searching for candles and flashlights, you’ll be able to use all your home’s electrical features.  

Electricians With Commercial and Residential Experience

Whether you own a home or a business, Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro is here to help you with all the electrical services you need. Our commercial electrical service team works around your schedule and ensures we don’t disrupt your business’s daily operations. Our residential electrical service team will work closely with you, treating you and your property with the utmost respect. That’s the sort of first-class service you get when you work with the area’s favorite electrical service team. 

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When you need an electrician, you want a local team of familiar faces. At Mr. Electric of Phoenix Metro, we are known for professionalism, safety, convenience, and craftsmanship. While we are part of a nationally recognized brand, we are firmly committed to our core principles of honesty, respect, and customer satisfaction. Our team has provided countless customers in the Phoenix Metro area with exceptional service. We are eager to work with you too. Contact us today to schedule your electrical service appointment!

Electrical Improvements


Compliment your air conditioner with ceiling fan installation throughout your home or business from Mr. Electric. Ceiling fans save you money and lower the cost of your next electricity bill. Reap the benefits of your new ceiling fans and let Mr. Electric do all the work.

Specialty Lighting


Add sophistication and style to your home or business with Mr. Electric’s recessed lighting services. Contact our team today to learn about an inexpensive way to modernize your home or business.

Safety and Security

Electrical Safety

Don’t overload the circuits in your home or business; let Mr. Electric fix it before it becomes a problem. Our expert electricians can replace your circuit breaker before any other problems surface. Trust our company to handle your electrical needs.

Picture of a generator outside a building

Generator Installation

Mr. Electric offers professional home and commercial generator installation.  Ensure the safety of your belongings and family in the event of a natural disaster or unplanned power outage with a home standby generator.  Commercial generators keep your employees and customers safe and your systems up and running.  A licensed professional will install your generator, and since safety is our top priority, and we will arrange for an inspection of the generator to make sure that all local codes and regulations are met.