Recessed Lighting Installation Service in Oklahoma City, OK

Mr. Electric electrician replacing a light bulb Our Experts Install Recessed Lights for Homes & Businesses

Whether you're a home or business owner, lighting greatly impacts your space's style, ambiance, and functionality. One of the most affordable ways to update your lighting without taking on a huge renovation project is with a professional recessed lighting installation service. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City have years of experience providing high-quality recessed lighting installation throughout Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding areas, including Edmond and Yukon.

Adding indoor recessed lighting is the perfect way to improve the look of your residential or commercial space to make it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also the perfect investment, upping the value of your property. Our experts will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect lighting for your home or business. Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can install recessed lights for your home or business! 

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting can completely transform the indoor look of a room. Coming in various styles and options to choose from to customize your home or business, recessed lights are installed in a ceiling and include beautiful, finished trim that complements the existing design seamlessly. Recessed lighting, also called in-ceiling lighting, offers several benefits for residential and commercial property owners, including: 

  • Instantly transforms living and working spaces
  • Can be used in any room in your home or commercial building
  • Provides the illusion of height
  • Offers many options in terms of layout and design
  • Looks a modern and clean look  
  • Provides a timeless style
  • Offers a high return on investment
  • Smart technology compatible

Whether you need recessed lighting installed in one room or the whole building, our team is highly skilled in designing lighting plans that highlight the best features of your home or business in Oklahoma City, OK. 

What Are the Parts of a Recessed Lighting Fixture?

The three main components of recessed lighting fixtures include: 

  • Housing – The housing component of a recessed lighting fixture, also referred to as the can, is securely and safely concealed within the ceiling where the wiring is located.
  • Trim – This decorative part of the fixture can be seen by viewing it from the ground. You can fully customize the trim of your recessed lighting fixtures to blend with the room’s existing design.
  • Bulb – The bulb is the light source within a recessed lighting fixture. It’s important to choose the correct wattage and heat for your bulbs to prevent fires within the ceiling.

Can a Handyman Install Recessed Lighting?

When you need recessed lighting installed, you must call a licensed, experienced electrician to complete the installation process. Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City technicians understand the dangers of improperly installing recessed lights. If electrical wiring is necessary for your lighting installation, property owners must hire a licensed electrician to ensure your new recessed lights are safe, efficient, reliable, and effective. 

Recessed Lighting Repair & Replacement

If you have recessed lights in your home or business and need professional repair or replacement services, we can help. Older canned recessed lights are prone to overheating and may require repairs and frequent bulb changes. Today’s recessed lighting systems are much more reliable, energy-efficient, and safer than previous models. If you’re curious about the benefits of replacing your current recessed lighting with modern LED recessed lighting, reach out to the team at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City. We have years of experience providing recessed lighting repair, bulb replacement, and recessed lighting upgrades as needed.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City?

Finding a reliable company to complete your recessed lighting installation is important. At Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City, we’re committed to providing the highest quality electrical work for our regional residential and commercial customers. You can count on our team of licensed electricians to:

  • Always show up on time for scheduled appointments
  • Communicate transparently about the work they perform
  • Only recommend necessary electrical services for your home or business
  • Offer reasonable rates for high-quality electrical repair services

Contact Mr. Electric Today for Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting provides several benefits for property owners. Whether you need recessed lights installed, repaired, or replaced, the team at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City can help. You can trust our licensed electricians at Mr. Electric to completely transform the look of your indoor space while increasing its value, functionality, and reliability. 

Whether you're installing new recessed lights in Oklahoma City, OK or want to upgrade your existing in-ceiling lighting, we’ll help every step of the way. Contact us today to request an estimate and schedule your professional recessed lighting installation services!