Circuit Breaker Replacement Service in Oklahoma City, OK

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We Replace Circuit Breakers for Homes & Businesses

If you're a home or business owner, there will come a time when your electrical system's circuit breaker needs to be replaced. Due to its complexity, circuit breaker replacement services should only be performed by a licensed, experienced electrician. At Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City, we have years of experience providing effective, reliable circuit breaker replacement service for homes and businesses throughout Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas, including Edmond and Yukon.

As the electrical system on your property ages and your electrical demands increase, your circuit breaker will need to be routinely maintained, upgraded, repaired, or replaced. Ensuring your circuit residential or commercial circuit breaker is in pristine condition is critical to keeping you and your property safe and supporting all your current and future electrical demands. Whether you’ve been experiencing issues with your circuit breaker or want an electrical inspection, our electricians can check your circuits and see if replacement is necessary. Reach out to the team at Mr. Electric today for exceptional circuit breaker replacement service!

Preventing Electrical Circuit Overloads

Electrical overloads can quickly become a dangerous situation. Overloads happen when more electricity is transferred across an electrical wire than the circuit can handle. For example, plugging a hair dryer into the same outlet that an appliance is plugged into could cause the circuit breaker to trip, cutting all power to any devices plugged into the circuit. To avoid electrical overloads, you should have your wiring and outlets properly upgraded to ensure they can handle the electricity demands of your residential or commercial property. The electricians at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City can check that your circuits are properly upgraded or replace them if necessary to avoid electrical overloads.

When Should I Replace My Circuit Breaker?

To ensure the safety of everyone in your home or business, property owners need to know when it’s time to replace their circuit breakers. There are several reasons why property owners throughout Oklahoma City, OK should consider replacing their circuit breakers, including:

  • Overloaded Outlets – If you use power strips or extension cords frequently, it might be time to upgrade your circuits to ensure you have enough outlets to support all your devices.
  • Security Systems – Having a security system installed on your property requires additional electrical demand. If you have an existing security system or want one installed, our experts can ensure you have enough power to keep the system running.
  • Specialty Lighting – Our electricians can ensure your specialty lighting is properly connected to your circuits.
  • Appliances – Heavy-duty appliances require additional electrical demand, so it’s important to make sure your circuits and outlets can handle it.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – Whether you have outdoor landscape lighting or holiday lights, you’ll need our professional help to ensure everything’s connected properly to your circuits.
  • Ceiling Fans – When you want to make customizations to your ceiling fans, indoor or outdoor, our licensed electricians can ensure they're properly connected to your electrical system.
  • Emergency Generators – Having a backup power supply during blackouts is convenient for property owners, but you’ll need dedicated sub-panels for your new emergency generator to run properly. Our team can help make sure the process goes smoothly.
  • Home Entertainment Centers – If you have a home entertainment center, it probably requires a lot of power to continue running. We can help update or replace outdated or malfunctioning circuits to keep your home entertainment system running properly.
  • Home Office Equipment – Do you have a home office? To keep all your equipment running safely, you’ll need plenty of power outlets and upgraded circuits.
  • Satellite or Cable TV – Upgrading or replacing your circuits will allow you to add cable or satellite televisions to all the bedrooms in your home.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – Energy efficiency upgrades are becoming more popular among homeowners. Whether you’re installing solar panels or an electric vehicle charging station, our experts will upgrade or replace your circuits to handle the extra demand.

Do I Need to Replace My Circuit Breaker?

If you’re unsure whether you need to replace your circuit breakers, you can take a few simple steps to determine the best action:

  1. Turn off and unplug all the appliances on the breaker’s circuit.
  2. Flip the circuit breaker off and back on.
  3. Plug in one small appliance and turn it on to see if the circuit breaker trips.

If your circuit breaker trips while barely running any load, you most likely have a short circuit or wiring issue. If your circuit breaker doesn’t trip until you’ve plugged in several appliances, it might be overloading. The electricians at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City can resolve any issue with your circuits and/or electrical system.

Schedule Circuit Breaker Replacement Today

The safety of our customers is always our top priority when replacing main circuit breakers for residential and commercial properties. At Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City, our technicians are highly experienced and will ensure your circuit breakers are installed to code and meet your property’s insurance policy.

With years of experience providing a wide range of electrical services for home and business owners throughout Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas, including Edmond and Yukon, we’re fully equipped to get your electrical system in pristine condition. Whether you need circuit breaker repair, replacement, installation, or upgrades, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our circuit breaker replacement services or request a quote!