Whole House Surge Protectors Installation & Service in Oklahoma City, OK

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Keeping You Safe With Whole House Surge Protectors Service 

Sudden power surges are among the most frustrating and sometimes damaging home occurrences. If your home isn't protected with a whole house surge protector, your electrical devices could be at risk. Power surges can follow any wires in your home and compromise any devices you have plugged in.

Many homeowners assume low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressors will provide the protection you need. However, proper protection involves a licensed electrician hardwiring a surge protector into your home’s main electrical panel. With years of experience, the professionals at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City provide whole house surge protectors service and installation throughout Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas, including Edmond and Yukon. Reach out to our team today to learn more about whole house surge protector installation!

What Are Power Surges?

It’s important for homeowners to know what power surges are so they can identify them and prevent them. Power surges occur with a sudden increase in voltage, substantially exceeding the standard 120 volts. When a power surge happens, the wiring inside devices will overheat and start to burn. Some of the devices at risk include computers, televisions, microwaves, phones, stereos, and many other gadgets we use regularly. The microchips and circuitry in some electronic devices can make them particularly sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Having the licensed electricians at your local Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City install a whole house surge protector is the most efficient and safest way to protect your electronics. Even the slightest power surge can do the following:

  • Put a strain on your devices
  • Compromise their performance
  • Destroy them

What Causes Power Surges?

One of the most common reasons power surges occur is due to the normal operation of heavy-duty appliances that require a significant amount of electricity to turn their compressors or motors on or off. These devices have high electricity demands, interrupting the steady flow of voltage to your electrical system, and include air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. The causes of residential power surges include:

  • Downed power lines
  • Faulty electric wiring
  • Electrical overloads
  • Restoration of power following a blackout
  • Issues with utility company’s lines, transformers, and other equipment
  • Lightning (happens rarely)

What Are Surge Protectors?

Residential power strips, or surge protectors, work by passing electric current from an electrical outlet to any devices plugged into the power strip. When a surge or spike above a certain level occurs, the surge protector will automatically redirect any excess electricity into a part of the power strip called metal oxide varistors (MOVs).

Commonly used household power strips that you can purchase at a retail store only offer limited protection for your devices. The best way to protect your devices is to have a whole house surge protector professionally installed by the team at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City.

How Whole House Surge Protectors Work

Whole house surge protectors work similarly to household power strips. High-quality whole house surge protectors are designed to withstand several power surges over many years. They also protect your devices and appliances that receive power from your home’s electrical panel. Whole house surge protectors installation by the experts at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City are the best way to keep your valuable appliances and electronics safe from electrical damage.

Schedule Whole House Surge Protectors Installations Today 

Most homes today are full of appliances and electronics that are sensitive to power surges. It makes the most sense to protect your investments with whole house surge protection. Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City is ready to upgrade your home’s surge protection in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, and the surrounding areas.

Our team installs and services whole house surge protectors quickly and effectively. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about them, whether you want an estimate for the cost of whole house surge protector installation or to learn more about the types of whole house surge protectors we offer. Contact us today to schedule service or request a quote!