Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

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Premier Solutions for Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting

Let the experts at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City help you make the most of your residential space by upgrading your home with beautiful new kitchen and bathroom lighting! Our licensed electricians have years of experience providing the highest quality bathroom and kitchen lighting solutions to homeowners throughout Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding areas, including Edmond and Yukon. With the right bathroom and kitchen lighting installations and upgrades, you can completely change the look and functionality of the most used rooms in your home.

As one of the key elements of your home’s aesthetic, expertly installed kitchen and bathroom lighting also boosts the property value and enhances the visibility in these rooms. We help homeowners through every step of the process, from design to our lighting installation services. Contact our team to request an estimate today!

Transform Your Home With New Kitchen & Bathroom Lights

The right kitchen and bathroom lighting can create a warm, sophisticated, and welcoming ambiance. No matter your preferences or budget, we proudly serve homeowners with a wide range of lighting needs. Our licensed electricians handle every part of the process, providing brilliant design ideas and installation services that don’t compromise the quality of our workmanship. Our technicians are highly skilled at crafting reliable and innovative lighting solutions for a variety of rooms and residential spaces. Whether you want to add lighting to a single bathroom, a specific area in your kitchen, or your entire home, we’re here to help.

Beautiful Bathroom Lighting Options for All Your Needs

Our lighting experts can design your lighting to enhance areas of your home, making large spaces appear more intimate and smaller rooms look more spacious. You can completely transform the look of your bathroom with a new attractive, energy-efficient lighting design that refreshes its style and functionality. Our licensed electricians are ready to improve your home’s bathrooms with a broad range of lighting options, including:

  • Ceiling Fixture – The ceiling fixtures in your bathroom tend to draw a person's eye upward and make the space look more spacious. Ceiling fans tie the room together and provide extra light.
  • Mirror and Vanity Lighting – The right vanity or mirror lighting can optimize facial illumination and reduce the number of shadows in your bathroom. It also makes your bathroom feel more spacious and increases its functionality.
  • Cabinet Lighting – Adding lights underneath the cabinets in your bathroom is incredibly useful and allows you to see things more clearly. Our electricians can help you illuminate those hard-to-see areas in your bathroom with professional cabinet lighting installation.
  • Bathtub – Bathtub lighting helps illuminate a specific area in your bathroom. Dimmer switches can also be added to bathtub lights to create a relaxing mood while taking a warm bath.
  • Shower – Shower lighting is a great investment and helps you save money on energy costs because you only need to turn on one light to take a shower. 
  • Toilet – Our lighting experts can add floodlights or focused halogen lights over your toilet, so you only need to turn on one light to use the toilet in your bathroom.
  • Canned Lighting – Canned lighting solutions are great for homeowners with low ceilings or who want overhead lighting. Our experts can install canned lights in strategic areas of your bathroom to create your desired look for the space. 
  • Indirect Lighting – Hidden, indirect lighting is a great way to add a soft, soothing touch to your bathroom. We can install indirect lighting in the nooks and corners of your bathroom to light it up with artistic elegance.
  • Accent Lighting – We use accent lighting to highlight your home’s best features, including architecture, family photos, or artwork. The right accent lighting can highlight the features you enjoy most around your home.

Enhance Your Kitchen With the Perfect Lighting

Your family and friends gather for holidays, events, meals, and conversation in your kitchen. From cooking to entertaining and spending time with loved ones, we spend a lot of time in our kitchen. For as many hours as we spend in this space in our home, it would only make sense to make the space as attractive and functional as possible. Some of the ways Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City can enhance the lighting in your kitchen include:

  • Cabinet Lighting – Expertly installed cabinet lighting can showcase display items and make the room look more spacious. Putting lighting under your kitchen cabinets also lights up your counter space, making food prep easier by allowing you to see more clearly. 
  • Sink Lighting – Lighting directly above your kitchen sink allows you to use it without turning on all the lights in your kitchen. This helps save money on energy costs and not disturb others in the connected living areas of your home.
  • Accent Lighting – Expertly installed accent lighting is a great way to highlight the parts of your kitchen you enjoy the most, from architecture to home décor and art displays.
  • Kitchen Nook Lighting – Kitchen nook lighting illuminates your table to make it the room's centerpiece. Your family and friends can gather, converse, and share food and drinks. You can also add a dimmer switch to create your ideal environment.
  • Island Lighting – This type of lighting is becoming more popular as more homes today are built with islands in the kitchen. People tend to gather, talk, eat, and prepare food around a kitchen island. We can expertly install discreet or decorative island lighting to enhance your kitchen’s existing design.
  • Canned Lighting – Compared to traditional bulbs, this type of lighting is more subtle and inviting. Our electricians can install canned lighting to significantly improve the look of your kitchen.
  • Pendant Lighting – You can enhance your kitchen’s ambiance with pendant lighting by illuminating specific areas of the room. Pendant lighting installation in your kitchen is also great for task lighting to illuminate specific areas you’re using.
  • Wall Sconces & Ceiling Fixtures – Our beautiful wall sconces and ceiling fixtures will give your kitchen a personal touch that reflects your style. Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City can install several types of decorative lighting to enhance your kitchen’s design and aesthetic appeal.

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When you want to enhance the most used rooms in your home with state-of-the-art lighting solutions, you can count on the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Oklahoma City. With years of experience, our team is committed to providing brilliant design ideas and exceptional bathroom and kitchen lighting installations for homeowners throughout Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas, including Edmond and Yukon.

We’ll help you with every step of the process, making your kitchen and bathroom more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We're happy to answer any questions, whether you're curious about bathroom and kitchen lighting service cost or our design and installation processes. Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs and schedule service with our friendly team!