LED Retrofit Lighting Services in Birmingham, AL

Upgrade to LED Lighting Without Changing Your Light Fixtures

Mr. Electric of Birmingham, AL electrician installs lighting. There are many ways to upgrade the lighting in your home. Retrofitting is among the most popular of them all. Retrofitting uses your existing light fixtures while updating the wiring, plugs, and bulbs to more modern, energy-efficient options. This allows you to upgrade your lighting without replacing your existing fixtures. Businesses find this service especially appealing because they can eliminate their harsh fluorescent lights and replace them with more cost-effective LED lights. However, LED retrofitting canned lights or recessed lights is a job best left to the pros. Mr. Electric of Birmingham offers LED retrofit lighting services in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Let us help you retrofit your lighting fixtures.

What Is LED Retrofitting?

Retrofitting is anytime an existing appliance, device, or machine is improved by replacing its internal components with modern alternatives. One might retrofit an antique car by replacing the motor with a brand-new one. You can achieve the same effect with your light fixtures through LED retrofit lighting. We can keep your existing light fixtures while replacing the internal lighting components with the most up-to-date wiring and sockets. You also get the energy-efficient benefits of installing LED lighting without the cost of buying new lighting fixtures.

When to Retrofit Canned or Recessed Lighting?

Experts estimate that approximately three-fourths of homes will be using LED lighting in the next ten years. That means every home and business owner needs to start asking whether it’s the right time to get LED retrofitting for your lights. The licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Birmingham are always happy to meet with you and help you develop a plan that takes your budget and end goals into account. However, there are sometimes when retrofitting your lighting is especially wise. You should seriously consider retrofitting your lights for LED lighting if:

  • Your lighting is more than five years old
  • You notice the harshness of fluorescent lighting bothering guests, tenants, or employees
  • You are remodeling or renovating your property
  • You are trying to reduce your energy consumption
  • You want to change difficult-to-reach lightbulbs less often

Benefits of Retrofitting to LED Lighting

There are many reasons to retrofit your recessed or canned lights into LED lighting. Whether you’re doing it to save money down the road or just to spruce up your home or business, you won’t regret it. Some of the main benefits of retrofitting your lighting fixtures include:

  • Energy Efficiency – LED lighting uses less electricity, saving your money and reducing your energy consumption at the same time.
  • Lower Maintenance – LED lighting bulbs can last up to 50 times as long as traditional incandescent bulbs, making changing light bulbs every month a thing of the past.
  • Improved Visibility – The quality of LED lighting is far more comfortable and easier on your eyes than fluorescent lighting.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal – You don’t notice how dark and gloomy a room is until you upgrade your lighting to illuminate your entire room.

Request Your LED Retrofit Lighting Appointment Now!

Don’t let outdated and inefficient lighting leech money from your budget every month. Retrofit your lighting fixtures to LED lighting now and start getting the benefits right away. Our team of professional electricians has helped countless homes and businesses in the Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and Chelsea areas retrofit their lighting. Let us help you make your home as safe, efficient, and bright as possible. Request your LED retrofit lighting appointment online now!