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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Birmingham, AL

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Every one of our service calls starts with a safety checkup beginning at your electric panel. Your home’s electrical panel, or circuit breaker box, protects your home from power surges and electrical overload, which could otherwise result in fire or electrocution. Just like all home appliances, your electrical panel will become outdated and worn out over time. As we become more reliant on modern electronics, your electrical panel needs to be upgraded to handle the increased load. Mr. Electric of Birmingham performs electrical panel upgrades in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Whether you want to reduce your energy bill or increase your amperage, we can help you do it in a safe and efficient way. Learn more about electrical panel upgrades.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Birmingham, AL
The Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel
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  • Electricity from your utility company enters your home through your electrical panel. Your electrical panel distributes electricity to each area of your home, depending on the amperage that area needs. When the flow of electricity spikes or surges in one circuit, the circuit breakers in your electrical panel trip, preventing the excess electricity from causing a fire or electrocution. Your electrical panel will also have a breaker for your entire home in the event that you might need to perform electrical work. Power will be cut from that section of the house when a breaker is tripped. In order to restore power, simply find the breaker that is out of place and flip it back. If a breaker trips repeatedly, it is a sign of a much more serious problem that you should have checked out by one of our certified service professionals.

  • Sometimes we can improve the performance of your electrical panel simply by making some repairs. Other times, we may need to completely replace your electric panel in order to optimize your home’s safety and energy efficiency. Often, the deciding factor is whether you have the budget for the cost to upgrade your electrical panel. The cost to upgrade your electrical panel to 200 amps may seem like a lot until you compare it to the benefits of having a high-performance electrical panel for decades to come.

  • Ultimately, you must weigh all the factors when you are deciding whether to repair or replace your electrical panel. Repairs are usually the best option if your electrical panel is acting up, but it’s a relatively new 200-amp panel. However, if you have an older breaker box that is constantly tripping or malfunctioning, then you will likely want to replace it. Our certified service professionals will present all options to improve your electric panel so you can weigh different options for your desired results.
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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

From the outside, your electrical panel cover may not show many signs of aging. Inside, it is constantly distributing and monitoring the flow of electricity through your home’s various circuits. This makes it especially tough for homeowners to know when they need to upgrade their electrical panels. As a rule of thumb, panels should be used for no longer than 25 years. However, it is very common to replace panels earlier for one of many reasons. Some of the most common reasons to upgrade an electric panel include:

  • Crackling sounds coming from the electrical panel
  • Corrosion or rust on your circuit breakers
  • The electrical panel is warm
  • Appliances seem sluggish
  • A lack of GFCI outlets with “Reset” buttons in your bathroom or kitchen
  • You regularly use extension cords
  • You only have 60-amp breakers
  • Your 100-amp breakers still trip when operating appliances
  • Commercial structures with fuse block panels or split-bus panels that don’t have a main breaker
  • It can be challenging to find an electrician you can trust with a major job like an electrical panel upgrade. You need a team of electricians you can trust to get the job done right the first time. That’s precisely what you get when you work with the top-notch team at Mr. Electric of Birmingham. All our electrical panel upgrades are supported with the full force of the Neighborly Done Right Promise®. That means you can rely on our certified electricians to get your electrical panel upgrades done right the first time. Request your electrical panel upgrade appointment online now!

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