24-Hour Emergency Electrician in Birmingham, AL

Mr. Electric electrician greeting a family at their door

Our Local Emergency Electricians Are Always Here for You

If you find yourself up at night searching online for an “emergency electrician near me” or “electrician near me emergency,” you’re probably in a pinch. We rely on our electronics for everything from remote work to cooking dinner for the family. So, when you suddenly have an electrical problem, it can cause a serious disruption to your life. Luckily, Mr. Electric of Birmingham offers 24-hour emergency electrician services in central Alabama. We want you and your family to rest easy knowing that no matter what time of day or night it is, you have a team of local emergency electricians standing by. Learn more about our emergency electrician services.

When to call for Emergency Electrical Repairs

Sometimes it’s not clear whether an electrical problem qualifies as an emergency or not. In general, it’s better to call an emergency electrician too early than too late. When you wait for electrical problems to get out of hand, they can end up causing costly damage to your appliances, electronics, and home. Any potentially dangerous issue with your electrical system should be inspected by a 24-hour emergency electrician right away. Some of the most common times we are called for emergency electrician services include:

  • When your lights constantly flicker
  • When you smell burning plastic or metal
  • When an outlet is smoking or producing sparks
  • When your circuit breaker trips repeatedly or begins buzzing
  • When an electrical outlet, switch, or breaker panel is hot to the touch
  • When you lose power and resetting the circuit breaker doesn’t return power to your home

Mr. Electric of Birmingham’s Emergency Electrician Services

Mr. Electric of Birmingham has offered reliable 24-hour emergency electricians since 1994. During that time, homeowners in Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Chelsea, Shelby County and surrounding areas have learned to trust us because they know that we can handle any issue they are facing. Our team of certified electricians has dealt with every electrical problem you can imagine and more. So, you can trust us to come as soon as possible, ready to get your problem resolved. We will always diagnose the issue first and give you a detailed estimate for the necessary repairs ahead of time. Some of the common emergency electrical repair services we offer include:

  • Electrical panel repairs
  • Wiring repairs
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Electrical component repairs
  • Restoring power to lights and outlets
  • And more!

Get a 24-Hour Emergency Electrician Sent to Your Home Now!

Don’t let unexpected electrical problems keep you up at night. When your power goes out or an outlet starts smoking, you can rest easy knowing that a qualified 24-hour electrician is on their way. All our uniformed electricians undergo continuous training to ensure they can always handle any electrical problem that arises. When you need an emergency electrician, don’t waste your time searching online for an “emergency electrician near me.” Call a team that you know is standing by to help. You can request an electrical repair appointment online, but you should call us directly if you need a 24-hour emergency electrician.

When we arrive, we will address the issue at hand, but we’ll also conduct a thorough electrical safety checkup to catch any other issues you may have. This is included in all of our jobs.