Electrical Outlet Installation Services in Birmingham, AL

Mr. Electric of Birmingham, AL electrician inspecting outlet.

Install Electrical Outlets Right Where You Need Them

Do you find yourself using extension cords or hunting for an outlet because your home doesn’t have electrical outlets where you need them? Electrical outlets seem like permanent fixtures, but a professional and licensed electrician can install new outlets for you. You can put an outlet next to your favorite reading chair or behind your entertainment center. Even if you don’t need more electrical outlets, you may want to install electrical outlets if yours are old or showing signs of damage. Outlets that trip regularly or spark when you plug something into them might be a safety hazard. Most importantly, you want to replace any two-pronged outlets, as they are considered unsafe compared to three-pronged, grounded outlets. Luckily, Mr. Electric of Birmingham offers electrical outlet installation services in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Learn more about the types of electrical outlets we can install for you!

Choosing the Right Electrical Outlet for You

Once you decide to install new electrical outlets in your home, the next step is to determine which type of outlets to install. You might be surprised by the many different options you have. Some outlets have high-tech add-ons, while others have advanced safety features. You may want to consult one of our certified electricians at Mr. Electric of Birmingham. We have been helping Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and Chelsea homeowners understand the outlet installation process for years. Some types of outlets that we regularly install include:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets – GFCI outlet installation can prevent electrocution, especially in wet areas. By monitoring your outlet for abnormal current flow, a GFCI outlet cuts off power before a shock can occur.
  • Arc Fault Current Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets – AFCIs look similar to GFCIs with their “Reset” and “Test” buttons. However, AFCIs detect arcs of electricity, usually from exposed wiring, and breaks the circuit before a fire can start.
  • Smart Outlets – Smart outlets can connect to other smart devices in your home, like security systems or doorbell cameras. Some smart outlets can help throttle the consumption of electricity by devices when not in use.
  • Switched Outlets – These outlets are half electrical outlet and half switch. You can plug devices into the outlet and control them with the flip of a switch.
  • USB Outlets – Don’t clutter up your outlets with USB adapters. Adding an outlet with dedicated USB charging ports can free up your outlets for other devices.
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets – If you have children in the home, you might want to consider these childproof outlets. They offer more protection than plastic plugs.
  • Two-Duplex Outlets – Maybe two plugs aren’t enough. You can upgrade to a two-duplex outlet with four places to plug in devices and appliances.
  • 15-Amp Outlets – This is the standard home outlet. These three-pronged outlets are ideal for areas that are not likely to use multiple high-power-drawing devices at once.
  • 20-Amp Outlets – You can identify a 20-amp outlet in your home by the horizontal slit on the outlet’s left plug. These give you more power to handle things like kitchen appliances and power tools.
  • 30-Amp Outlets – These high-powered outlets are often reserved for heavy-duty appliances like water heaters, furnaces, and RVs.
  • 50-Amp Outlets – 50-amp outlets are the most powerful outlets installed in residential properties. They are used for ovens, air conditioners, clothes dryers, and other major appliances.

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