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Electrical Code Updates and Corrections in Birmingham, AL

Stay Up to Code With Mr. Electric of Birmingham

Countless house fires and injuries are caused each year due to faulty or outdated electrical systems. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that unsafe electrical wiring causes approximately 30,000 residential fires, 1,000 injuries, 200 fatalities, and more than $600 million yearly in property damage. On top of that, one-in-five electrocutions are due to a wiring problem, according to the electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). Keeping your home’s electrical system up to code is the most effective way to protect your home and family from these preventable accidents. Mr. Electric of Birmingham performs Electrical code updates in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Learn more about how our team can help your home meet the most recent electrical code requirements.
Electrical Code Updates and Corrections in Birmingham, AL

Stay Up to Code With Mr. Electric of Birmingham

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  • You might be wondering, “How often is the National Electrical Code (NEC) Updated?” Every three years, the nation’s leading electricians and engineers put together a new version of the NEC. First published in 1897, the NEC sets the standard for safe electrical system installation, design, and wiring. The most recent edition of the NEC was released in 2020. Electrical code update services are when a professional electrician changes your current electrical system to meet the latest electrical code standards. Mr. Electric of Birmingham will perform a thorough, multi-point inspection of your home to ensure that you understand every update your home needs to meet the current safety standards.

  • Since the electrical code updates regularly, it can be tough for the average homeowner to stay up to date with all the changes. Most electrical code update classes are 15 hours long, but you may not need to know all the information. For instance, a new section about EV chargers may not apply to you if you do not own an electric vehicle. Luckily, our team continually studies the latest version of the electrical code, so you don’t have to. Let us help you understand the parts of the NEC that apply to you and your home.
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When You Need Electrical Code Update and Correction Services

Since the electrical code is updated every three years, you should have Mr. Electric of Birmingham check your home for electrical code updates every three years as well. However, there are a few other times that you may want to consider getting a professional electrical code update inspection. Some of the times when you may want electrical code updates include:

  • When you notice unusual activity in outlets, light switches, and light fixtures
  • Prior to purchasing a home to ensure the wiring and electrical system is up to code
  • Before selling a home to prevent delays in the inspection phase of the process
  • To meet insurance requirements or provide proof of safe wiring

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