Exhaust Fan Installation in Birmingham, AL

The humble exhaust fan doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves. Exhaust fans can make the rooms they’re in a lot more pleasant, comfortable and healthier. The fans provide necessary ventilation to areas of the house that have none. or where additional spot ventilation is needed. If you don’t have an exhaust fan in the overly humid or odorous parts of your home, or if existing fans aren’t functional, call on Mr. Electric® for professional exhaust fan repair or installation and a free home electrical inspection.

Which Rooms in My Home should have an Exhaust Fan?

  • Bathroom (eliminates foggy mirrors, excess heat and limits mold growth)
  • Kitchen (dissipates cooking smells, grease and heat)
  • Garage (clears out unhealthy, even dangerous fumes that can accumulate, especially an attached garage; clears fumes from car exhaust, power lawn mower fumes; chemicals stored such as paint thinner, adhesives, etc.)
  • Attic (prevents attics from becoming stuffy and too warm; protects items stored there from getting get moldy, prevents wood rot on floors or furniture)

Why do I need Exhaust Fans?

  • Removes excess humidity from the air (from showering or cooking, for example)
  • Comfort and convenience: The kitchen is easier to clean when excess grease and cooking debris are vented out with an exhaust fan and there's less mold to clean up in the bathroom
  • Odor control and quick ventilation of fumes
  • Better indoor air quality: Clears out unhealthful fumes from the garage, along with grease, combustion debris and heat from the kitchen stove and keeps moisture-loving bacteria and mildew at bay in the bath.
  • Prevents condensation and limits mold growth
  • Prevents damage to walls and the home’s structure: Wallpaper can peel in a moist environment. Paint peels off of wooden window sills and other places in a humid room. Wood floors and furniture may become warped or require replacement (years earlier than otherwise) when exposed to moisture in the air.

Why Get Professional Installation from Mr. Electric?

Proper exhaust fan installation is crucial for family and property safety. Electrical wiring and correct venting require the skills of a professional electrician. Did you know that exhaust fans must be vented to the outdoors to work properly? It’s true. Unfortunately, many fans are incorrectly vented to the attic or a nearby crawl space.

When improperly installed and not vented to the outdoors, exhaust fans just send the excess airborne moisture to another area of the home to damage wood, cause mold growth, etc. If your fans aren’t clearing out moisture and odors, like they’re supposed to, improper installation may be the problem. Or you may need larger or more powerful exhaust fans.

Get Home Ventilation Issues Solved with Prompt, Reliable Electrical Service

When Mr. Electric adds or replaces an exhaust fan, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a multi-functional fan. Modern fans not only exhaust air, but many also include a lighting fixture and/or heating unit. If you have a bathroom (especially one without a window) or kitchen without an exhaust fan, you’ll really notice the difference after your Mr. Electric professional installs your fans. If your current fans are too small, underpowered or improperly vented, our electrical experts can install the right exhaust fans to solve your home ventilation problems.

If you're lacking exhaust fans or yours are in disrepair, contact Mr. Electric. We will repair or install your fans properly the first time. Mr. Electric is right in your neighborhood and provides a free home electrical inspection. That’s a great deal! Call Mr. Electric today!